Free The Hips And Activate The Glutes For A Stronger Pelvic Floor

There's a lot of science behind the title of this blog, but basically, and especially in the case of the Post Baby client, to maximize our exercise prescription and aid postural re-alignment amongst you key considerations is the position of the pelvic bowl.  Two really common issues for the Post Baby client are muscular and connective tissue restrictions in all 3 planes at the pelvis alongside weak glutes (Max and Med).  Strong Glute Max will assist in holding the pelvis in a more favourable neutral position and Glute Med will also stabilization, especially in the gait cycle.

Also in terms of the urinary incontinence usually experienced by early Post Baby clients, it's important to note that a neutral pelvis is the ideal position for Pelvic Floor function through optimal length/tension.  So here are two short films that I made that show you the strategies that I use.  Hope you like them, give them a try and really 'feel' what's going on before you work with clients.  PS in the case of early C-Section clients, the FRONT-LINE/HIP FLEXOR RELEASE might pull on any scar tissue/adhesions if present.  If that's the case - please get the your client (or skilled therapist) to massage the area to release this restriction, hands-on therapy can go a long way to remedying this situation.  There's a vid for this too at the end of the blog.  More great info on this here also.

 First Free The Hips


Then Activate the Glutes


C-Section Scar Massage Vid


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