Help for the ‘Overactive’ or ‘Too Tight’ Pelvic Floor (VIDEO)

In the world of Pelvic Floor fitness and retraining in the case of the simpler end of continence issues where a 'strength' programme is indicated, there sometimes isn't an equal emphasis on balancing the work/hypertrophy with a down-training programming.

Ultimately, we all know the body functions best when both local (core) and global muscle/myofascial length and tension is optimal and a 'too-tight' Pelvic Floor can also lead to dysfunction symptoms such as urinary leakage under pressure-making conditions.

myofascial meridians

In this video, I discuss the relationships between the global myofascial system and Thomas Myers' Myofascial Meridians and the Pelvic Floor and how the principles of 'moving and mobilising the lines' and adding the subtle load of the ViPR can truly work as an innovative and exciting addition to the traditional kitbag of 'releases' offered to the hypertonic client or indeed to the post Pelvic Floor workout programme.

The movements are slow, rhythmical and overall change the narrative regarding 'stretching' protocols into something that I hope is far more attractive to our clients. The ViPR offers the user the opportunity to truly NOTICE what's going on throughout the body as they move, to notice the nuances of subtle changes to reach and how the ViPR is held.

Overall, it's about INTEGRATION and seeing the Pelvic Floor muscles as part of a global team rather as existing in splendid isolation. They are part of our Core, affected by literally all movement and every breath we take and so it's beyond essential that they sit at the table too for the family meal of movement. Take a look at the video and let me know what you feel. I think you'll agree, these moves truly change the narrative around Pelvic Floor exercise and restorative activity.

T-Step Feet

t-step feet

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Possible Signs of an Overactive Pelvic Floor

1. Starting a Pelvic Floor 'strengthening' programme makes your symptoms worse.

2. Pelvic Pain - at the joints or within the soft tissues.

3. The inability to initiate the flow or urine.

4. The inability to relax sufficiently to have a 'satisfying' bowel movement.

Possible Causes of an 'Overactive' of 'Hypertone' Pelvic Floor

1. Birthing soft tissue trauma

2. Trauma (sexual or birthing)

3. History of inflammatory pelvic conditions including Urinary Tract Infections and bowel conditions such as IBS and Coeliac Disease.

Final thoughts.........100% help is available for your and your clients so get straight to your Doctor and seek a referral to a specialist in the area of Pelvic Floor function....OVER-ACTIVITY or HYPERTONICITY IS FAIRLY COMMON but it's not NORMAL and it's not optimal for great continence and Pelvic Floor function and of don't have to put up with it!

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