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Pregnancy Exercise & Birth Preparation Courses


Modern Pregnancy Exercise and Wellness

If your previous education was a little high on theory and low on practical application and actually how to work successfully with pregnant clients and get amazing results, this CPD Course will, without a doubt,  improve your confidence, hands-on skills and your ability to attract potential clients. If you need a ready-to-go system to plug into your business, this course is perfect for you!  We take care of the essential THEORY via on-line pre-learning so that this frees you up for practicing your hands-on and practical skills.


Live or Online? One day LIVE CPD with pre-learning

Pre-requisites: Fully qualified and insured fitness/wellness professionals

Assessment: Multiple Choice and Practical Exam

Time to complete: Allow a couple of evenings for pre learning plus one day Live

Accreditation: ✔ 16 REPs points ✔ NASM Approved


Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner

What does it truly take to serve the modern mom-to-be?  What does it take to truly complete the circle of care for this woman in the modern world?  Probably a lot more than we were originally led to believe through our original certifications which in general are highly focused on theory and contraindications as opposed to 'what's possible', practical application and the potential to do 'great work' whilst developing a nurturing and supportive partnership with the women we serve.


Live or Online? Online

Pre-requisites: All advanced passionate professionals who want to go deeper and really improve their service, worth and offering to the Pregnant woman.

Assessment: End of Module Multiple Choice test

Time to complete: 2 - 4 hours per module

Accreditation: ✔ 7 REPs points ✔ NASM Approved ✔ CanFitPro