How to BE MORE to your Post Natal Fitness Clients!

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Are you working with Post Natal women?  I think you'll get this!

The last three weeks go down in history as being on the list of THE  most remarkable moments of my life!  Why?  Because I have finally become a mom! After a long adoption process, my husband and I took charge of little boy on 12th January, 2015  and obviously the reality of life moving forward is uppermost in my mind. After 15 years of serving the Ante/Post Natal population I totally 'got' the logistical issues but on an identity, work and personal space level I've had to break new ground and this has led me to consider what I would want from health/fitness offering in my present situation.

I thought back to my days as a full-time trainer and therapist and what my business would look like if I were to start up again and boy would it look different.  In all of my Ante and Post Natal education I refer to the 6 guiding 'Pillars' of creating a strong practice when serving this client population as shown below to build robust, results-driven programming that students can personalize and add their own personal flair to.



Without doubt, the above principles form the foundation of a business that will ensure clients are  served deeply and all the boxes regarding specialist fitness programming are well and truly ticked.  But alongside this wheel there's another narrative going on in my head.   It's the 'soft skills' wheel, it's the 'giving the client what she needs but didn't ask for' wheel, it's the 'I'm going to do this without being asked to do it' wheel, it's the 'walking alongside your client' wheel and it's the 'I don't care what the norm is on this subject, normal doesn't necessarily equate to right, so I'm going to it this way because it suits me and my clients' wheel.

I feel so strongly that in a business where your role is predominantly to be the facilitator of habit change whether you are applying nutrition, exercise or lifestyle change protocols, the Vitamin X in this equation is most definitely standing in the shoes of your client or potential client and providing the 'grown up' service that probably no one talked about when you were at Personal Trainer school.   The starting point for this service has just got be doing a REALITY CHECK and helping the client marry her expectations of motherhood with the situations right in front of her.  The use this position as a true platform from which to progress alongside offering a service that actually solves the PROBLEMS of the client with empathy, skill and an intuitive headspace that helps you respond to the true NEEDS not just WANTS of the modern woman.

So what do I think our role as a specialist practitioner is? In no particular order.....

1.  Nail the 6 Pillars above, it will deepen your practice and worth to the client and ensure you get the RESULTS that the 'automatic referral' part of your business is TOTALLY reliant on.....remember, Ante/PN women roll in a good job for one and she'll sing your praises to the others, 100%!  Post Natal aftercare is notoriously poor on a global level, and without a doubt, WOMEN NEED HELP.  The top issues are always, Diastasis, Pelvic Floor, Fat Loss, Nutrition For Post Natal Healing and Recovery, Rest/Restorative Activity and Bodywork/Massage.

The BIGGIE of 6 Pillars above is your Pre-Screening for this client population so,  if this is an afterthought or done as a 5 min 'thing' before you allow people to join your might want to rethink this.....MASSIVELY.  Your pre-screening is the NO.1 WAY to shine, show your knowledge, easily convince your client that you've got what it takes to solve her problems all without really 'selling'.  Of equal importance.....a deep pre-screen also means that you are able to identify any RED FLAG issues that your client may have and redirect her to the clinical help that she needs!  If you need a Post Natal Pre-Screening Guide, you can download one by clicking on the visual below.......



2.  Build a service that you would purchase!  It seems like a no-brainer but when was the last time you stood back and thought about whether your service is really meeting all of the true needs of the clients in front of you....the REAL WOMEN that you serve?  When was the last time your surveyed them and asked them how else you could serve them? Or whether if your current service is really 'doing it' for them.   If you haven't done this recently, now is the time!  Be brave as you might just unearth a whole new set of services that the clients in front of you are eager to purchase.  Your aim is complete the 'CIRCLE OF CARE' for your client and DELIGHT THEM. As a purchaser,  my Rolls Royce 'fitness' service would need to contain  these Exercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle Change, Soft Tissue Work, Community, Personal Space/Alone Time, Restorative Work, Soft Tissue/Corrective Work.  I also want to be led by someone who is inspirational, who walks the talk but is also human, I want to be led by someone who can make me laugh, who is intuitive and can easily tailor a session to how I present on the day and I want to be led by someone with a PLAN, who can clearly show me the journey  and the destination. Someone who is fair but firm without being fanatical.  I also need to be led by someone who knows that this health and fitness lark needs to fit in to my already 'FULL' and demanding life...... Have you thought lately about what factors turn you into a purchaser and how this could help you create a service that clients flock to?

3.  Create a virtual and real community for your clients - women LOVE community and everybody wants to be part of something fab.  Are you ensuring that you keep the lines of communication open with your clients outside of your once/twice weekly sessions?  A newsletter, a closed Facebook Group which acts as a forum, social events and outings, events and competitions within their sessions with you.....the list goes on.  You need to become a valuable part of their lives outside of exercise because guess what?  They have lives and interests outside of exercise and clean eating!  Don't forget that those moms are also the same 'girls' that used to go wild on Saturday nights fuelled by Lambrusco....and after months and years of predominantly tending to the needs of children, they VERY MUCH are open to the suggestion of an adults only night out or brain stimulating intellectual conversation......

4. Coach your clients from the side and the front -  because, make no mistake, people are waiting for/craving strong leadership and direction but.........the best leaders remain students forever, remain open to change and always present themselves as human as their clients.  The modern Post Natal woman has a lot on her plate, and either wants or thinks she needs to do it all.  Therein lies the reality....add a baby to the mix and boy, there needs to be some major reorganization, planning and structuring because if you leave 'life with a baby' to HOPE, it's going to get messy.  The number one subject that clients need help with is HELP.  Asking for it and receiving it.  If you are working with PN women, how about creating a list of great people that can help the average mom, from plumbers to face painters....curating a list that is added to by all your moms who probably all live local to each other is an excellent way of cultivating an 'I am open to help' attitude.  After only a short period of time as a mom, I KNOW without a doubt that this is not a one person job!  Many women feel this too but somehow feel disempowered to speak up and wave before drowning.  As head coach....guess what?  You have the power to change this conversation for a whole group of women and what a wonderful thing that would be 🙂

5.  My final thoughts.....a personal reflection, when I started to BE more to my clients by creating offerings that truly spoke to the REAL needs of the REAL women in front of me....that is when the light came on both in my personal and education business.  All of us spend way too much time working to not be working in businesses that we LOVE. Businesses that both serve the client and serve us.  Don't forget that you need to be happy going to work each day.  It's always a work in progress, I am officially unsatiable and always looking to improve what I do but for sure my business in 2015 is about serving the full circle of the  REAL woman who presents for her 'mummy-tummy' blitzing session.  Treating the woman not just as a fitness/wellness prospect but as the fully rounded grown woman that she is, will all the needs the she will generally have whether spoken or unspoken.


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      Thanks Jayne XX

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