How To Keep Serving Your Clients Through the CV Crisis + Beyond

Hello friends!  I thought NOW would be a good time to pass on some useful info re: going online during the CV Crisis AND when you've got a little more headspace, offer some guidance regarding creating multiple income streams in your business so that your eggs aren't all in one basket if you currently only serve people face-to-face.  So, firstly, let's start with getting you back infront of our people RIGHT NOW!

How To Serve Your Paid Clients ONLINE or Virtually – Emergency Version

Step 1:

Communicate with clarity and ‘leadership’ with your clients that keeping moving and healthy is the best way to go for their immunity and stress-busting.  Emphasise that you are simply ‘shifting’ your mode of serving them and that you working with them remotely still has great value.  The mindset, language and level of service should be very much BUSINESS AS USUAL, as opposed to ‘just cobbling this together for the interim’!

Step 2:

Sort your tech.  At the most basic level you just need your phone or Ipad and a cradle on a tripod.  You possibly might need a light.  You also need a clear space to move.  Quite literally, the space that your sofa currently occupies will do, move it and voila!  You have your ‘studio’!

  1. Facebook Live’s direct into a secured FB Group - How to make a FB Group here:
  2. How to run a FB Live Here:
  3. Use Facetime for 1:1’s -
  4. Pre-Recorded Video uploaded into a secure FB Group
  5. Pre-Recorded Video uploaded into a WhatsApp Group or Live Video into a WhatsApp Group:
  6. Set up a Zoom Call for people to join you in a VIRTUAL CHAT ROOM – Free version of Zoom allows 40 mins sessions. The paid versions for unlimited length sessions are also very reasonable.  You can also RECORD THE SESSION and repurpose after.

At this point, FB Groups are a real positive in keeping in touch with clients all in one place and allowing Peer Support ie., everyone jolly-ing everyone else along and maintaining a sense of community.

Step 3:

Organise/create and publicise a VISUAL TIMETABLE, CREATE ON CANVA or any other meme-making app and quite literally run your ‘offerings’ at set times just like you did before…..either you’ll be holding your ‘class’ at a set day/time or a new video will be in place on a set day/time. Canva:  This step is REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT.  Be a place of ORDER in your client's lives.  Having a set schedule as they did before will help them to keep 'structure' in amongst the unknown.

Step 4:

Once you’ve set up whichever system you’ll use, do a trial run with a friend or someone available to help to ensure that you’re not faffing about when you’re being paid to deliver!!

Studio Set Up of the Women's Wellness Coach in Birmingham - Bossing It 🙂

Step 5:

Purchase an inexpensive phone or IPad cradle, tripod and even a few lights if necessary.  All are available via Amazon and all are pretty cheap.  Plus, once you get filming and we're out of this current situation, you'll now how your set-up ready to continue with offering remote content.  And of course if you have a laptop with a camera, that will work well too for things like Skype and Zoom etc., I've linked below to the kit I use....

A Tripod

IPad Mount

Small Tripod for IPhone

Inexpensive Box Lights

Ring Light

Please ensure you are INSURED to deliver on line!!!!!!!!!!!! – Watch this video and contact your insurer to get clarity and any amendments that you might need!  This is the current info from Balens.

Here's a great blog containing lots of information on 'going' online from a Pilates perspective....

This is a REALLY, REALLY valuable video from Dr. Paul Bedford - aka The Retention Guru.  Quite literally, what he doesn't know about RETENTION could be written on a postage stamp....very much worth a watch with a view to actioning key points for your business whether you run a gym/facility or not!

OK, so now we have the emergency stuff out of the way, the next big question you need to ask yourself is:

If this situation should happen again, what does my business need to look like in order to make my work-life and potential to earn a living, less challenging?
My thoughts.....

How To Serve Your Paid Clients ONLINE or Virtually – Start ‘Building Your House’ Version

So, basically to future-proof yourself, you need to NOT have all your eggs in one basket and have some income that IS NOT RELIANT ON 'IN-PERSON' for all of your income.

Everybody needs to stop doing PAYG, if you offer PAYG, you'll ALWAYS have unpredictable cashflow ALL of your business life and that's just plain stressful and unecessary!

Wellness is an ongoing investment for everyone, let's start charging as if it is.  Your clients are used to paying for things monthly, why not this part of their health regime?

Most of us have the potential to tidy up our income and create 'passive income' by creating some kind of rolling-payment/membership site or online programme or members area to further serve your LIVE clients.

But.....unless you have amazing skills, this is very much a task for the person who made your website.  Literally they add a ‘plug in’ to your current website.  You could also have an external site like Teachable or Thinkfic, where you purchase your space on the platform.  Most people can manage these for themselves but you do need to be able to film yourself and edit your film….overall, if adding to your website, ask your web person which will work best for you.

Image from Charlotte Taylor, Lotties Lifestyle and Fitness in the West Midlands


Membership Plugins For WordPress Websites

  1. The Top 2 names that I’ve both experienced and come up again and again are: S2 and MemberPress. Both are listed below alongside some other top rated membership sites.  Ultimately, YOU WILL need your web person to instal your membership site onto your website and this will cost you but with both plugins coming in at $100 - $200 each, if you have a great product to sell, you’ll reap your money back in no time!
  2. Teachable is another excellently priced Membership Site, it’s not a PLUG IN, it’s a stand-alone platform and at $99/month, if you have a well-priced course that you can sell over and over again…it’s a winner!
  3. Thinkific is another really easy to use platform that’s priced well for beginners - $99/month:
  4. Memberpress:
  5. S2 Membership Plugin:


Key Considerations When Planning Your Online Offering

I truly hope that this blog has helped you in the immediate sense and offers food for thought for you and your wonderful businesses going forward....if you'd like to be in a community of like-minded people at this time, please ask to join myself and the rest of the Burrell Education Students in the BURRELL EDUCATION STUDENT SUPPORT GROUP HERE!

Also, if you feel like you're going slightly crazy with all the things that you need to think about......STOP........find a quiet place and do this me, it's worth it's weight in gold! It's the perfect antidote to any unexpected sh*tstorm!  Take care of you XX

And finally.....

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