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How to Make Almond Milk & Dodge the Cows Milk Nasties!

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If you have any kind hormonal bother, if you're  Peri-menopausal, menopausal or post menopausal,  if you're trying to balance your Post Natal hormones......this one is for you!

I'm not a fanatic but at this point in my journey to hormonal health I KNOW that drinking mass produced cow's milk is just a NO NO for is full of the hormones that keep mommy cows making milk when she hasn't even had a calf (think about it! That's not health-promoting or 'natural')  It's also full of pesticides and anti-biotics and ingredients that we humans were never designed to consume.  I've already switched to organic meat & eggs and I was buying processed almond milk but then I bought Nom Nom Paleo and saw a recipe and that looked easy enough.   So my first attempt was with a normal blender which was fine but now that I'm a Nutribullett devotee, of course it's even easier using my new lover! (I'm not an affiliate BTW, just a raving fan 🙂  )  Almond milk will also add to your 'alkaline' food tally so also beneficial in that way too (alkaline good / acidic not good) and of course the nut is full of wonderful minerals (Vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium, Folic Acid, calcium, zinc............and a nice wodge of protein & fibre).  The only thing this nut cannot do is give you a back rub!!


So here goes, no measurements - bought almonds, some people use blanched and soak overnight, I didn't do either, but will def soak overnight next time to apparently improve the bio-availability of the nutrients.......



 I filled the Nutribullett with filtered water to the MAX line......


 Blitz for around a minute.....I think I put too many almonds in as this was really thick and had to be watered down......


 I bought this 'milk bag' on Amazon.....pour the contents into a milk bag held in a jug and then squeeze until all the 'milk' has been removed.......






 You can use the lid of the Nutribullett to then store you milk in the fridge...VOILA!  Taste fab!


 Give it a try! PS, I made food for my husband using it porridge and a coffee and he was none the wiser :-).  I bet you could even get it past kids too!

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