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I LOVE WordPress LIVE & ON-LINE Workshops

Are you in WordPress Distress?  Are you stuck on the small stuff and determined to triumph? Read on.......



If you have a WordPress website and are not even part-way getting to grips with the basics below.............This On-Line or  1-Day Workshop is for you!

I did a WordPress workshop like this a few years ago and it set me right up and I've not looked back since.  Sometimes it's unlocking the simple stuff can give you the confidence to tackle the bigger jobs.

If you are paying a web developer to do the basics for you, change text, add pictures, add PayPal buttons, it's just got to stop.....YOU CAN DO THIS SIMPLE STUFF YOURSELF!  

So, at the end of 1 Day LIVE or on completion of the On-Line Course, I promise you that ................

1.  You will be able to navigate your DASHBOARD.

2.  You'll know the difference between a PAGE & a POST.

3.  You'll  be able to add PayPal buttons to your website.

4.  You'll be able to create recurring payments using PayPal.

5.  You'll know how to add a drop-down menu to your PayPal button for 'variety' purchases.

6.  You'll 'll be able to embed video codes from YouTube into your site.

7.  When choosing the LIVE WORKSHOP, if you bring along your idea for your  'client data capture' gift we'll brainstorm it and get it into great shape - if you're doing the On-Line course, I'll point you in the right direction to get this document created and hooked up to your LIST BUILDING MECHANISM on your website.

8.  You'll know how to create links away from your site.

9.  You'll know how to embed documents, PDF's and pictures into your Pages and Posts.

10.  You'll know how to do a basic SEO for your website Pages and Posts.

11.  You'll understand the key elements of a great blog.

12.  I'll tell you exactly who I use to create my snazzy YouTube Idents for my Videos for $5.

13.  You'll know where to find someone who will create your Amazon Associates shop on your website, at a reasonable price is next to no time at all.

14.   I'll tell you exactly who I use to create my snazzy E-Book Mock-Ups that encourage potential clients to download my list-building FREE GIFT for $5.

15.  You'll understand the most effective posting strategies that drive people to your website through your Facebook posting.

Sample of Actual On-Line Content - View in fullscreen.

16.  You'll understand how to create Pages, and move them around on your website menu.

17.  You'll have total clarity about the key elements of the HOME PAGE of your website.

18.  You'll walk away with improved confidence in your ability to manage for yourself and of course a CLEAR manual that covers all the points above in details for easy reference afterwards.

There will ONLY EVER be 4 SPOTS for the LIVE WORKSHOP  so everyone has enough time/space to get the best out of the day. Just bring your laptop,  a can-do attitude & your brainpower and we'll get this sorted!

Includes access to the On-Line Version on completion, lunch on the training day and access to the 'I Love WordPress' Facebook Support Group where your learning will simply continue & continue..........................


Next LIVE Workshop - None Scheduled At Present....why not purchase the On-Live version??

On-Line, Access Anywhere In The World Version NOW AVAILABLE!

Once you have purchased the On-Line Course, PayPal will INSTANTLY be directed to the page where you can access your PASSWORD LOGIN FOR THE CONTENT. Includes handy workbook PDF & Access to the On-Going Support Facebook Group so your learning simply continues AND  your queries can be answered...............