IFS Report 2012 - Burrell Education

IFS Report 2012

Just a quick report about Burrell Education's first outing to IFS in Blackpool!

It was emotional!!! Knackering, exhilerating, ground-breaking, inspiring AND VERY DIFFERENT!  I have never seen participants soooooo excited and enthusiastic.  People were literally dripping with sweat and still running in to start another session, hilarious and inspiring!  The energy was massive, right until the very last sessions.  Burrell Education was with Power Plate demonstrating my new small group Post Natal System - Metabolic Mommy.  If you missed it, you can still catch it before launch at Fit Pro at Loughborough University in April.  Here,  I was using the Power Plate as the tool but there are different versions, one using dumbbells, bodyweight and resistance bands and one using the ViPR.  Basically, you can go low equipment to very high equipment and get an awesome result for the post baby client looking to lose fat and restore function and get super fit.  The response was awesome from some people who know a thing or two about training women Katie Bulmerand her mom were in the house as was Kim Ingleby.  Katie, actually took home the award for Personal Trainer of the Year.  Hugely well deserved!  Check out her Little Black Dress exercise and fat loss system.

Power Plate combined it's might with Thump Boxing, FKPro & ViPR.  The result was a room filled to capacity for EVERY session with very very happy sweaty punters.  It did, quite literally go off like a frog in a sock!  The music was awesome, the light show was crazy, just brill.  The DREAM TEAM came AND DELIVERED!

But, I think the best moment of the entire weekend came courtesy of a young man called Craig Barton!  Never met him before but he was in Marvin's (Fitness Retreat) massage booth, so I thought he might be OK ;-)).  I actually got semi-naked for him without a moments hesistation ;-)) Don't worry, nothing crazy, I'm a married woman.  The reason:  some of you might know that I've had two C-Sections 12 months apart for gynae issues, the last one happened just over a year ago...not a great look but all good now.  Basically, on my return to training I've always been able to feel the scar pulling  and after a heavyish session my scar would ache and totally put my workout schedule on a break, so when the lovely Craig was extolling the virtues of the strange device he was holding, I suddenly had an idea, I wonder if that would work on my C-Section scar tissue and general wierdness that was going on in that area????  And boy did it work, I was freed up in under 10 mins flat.  I OWE THIS GUY BIG TIME.  I'm going to a course on in at the end of April, followed by a bit of testing on some willing participants and will report back.  Thanks so much Craig, you're a superstar!

If, like me, you've always been a FitPro devotee, give IFS a whirl next year, it's the complete opposite and you WILL HAVE SOME SERIOUS FUN!  Just one downside......the food ;-((.  I am now on green & hemp protein shakes for at least two days to detox because I have a face full of spots and a cranky digestive system from eating white bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and drinking Dandelion and Burdock fizzy pop!  Goodness me !

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