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Interview with Diane Lee on SPD, Pelvic Girdle Pain & Diastasis



My mom had a saying.....'when you need clean water, you go to the head of the fountain'......Diane Lee IS, for sure, one of the major fountain heads in the world of Physiotherapy and Women's Wellness.  Whether you're reading/watching this as a professional or a woman/mom experiencing Pelvic Girdle Pain, this woman with her series of groundbreaking educational offerings, books, social media presence and products truly leads the way.  I was very luck to catch her after several attempts and asked Diane to give us a few pearls of wisdom on the issue of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.  SPD is a condition that so many women suffer with during Pregnancy and into the Post Natal period.  It's a complexed and integrated condition that requires a 'whole person' multi-modal approach to management.  Diane has just launched her Baby Belly Belt (TM) and so it was great to catch up and discuss how new support belt could help to alleviate some of the issues faced by moms experiencing SPD and other pelvic girdle pain issues.


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Burrell Education is a UK Distributor of Diane's Baby Belly Belt (TM) - You can purchase here if you are in the UK.

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