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Interview with Isa Herrera on Ending Pain In Pregnancy & Diastasis in Pregnancy

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Isa Herrer of Renew Physical Therapy in New York about her foundation textbook for both professionals and moms called Ending Pain In Pregnancy.  Isa and her team truly fly the flag for 'Woman Centred', Holistic, Multi-Disciplinary, Integrated wellness strategies for women experiencing pain thought all their life phases and what grabbed my attention most whilst cruising her website is that alongside Isa and her team being steep in strong evidence-based practice....practically ALL of them have a holistic therapy/bodywork background  and are Certified Reiki Healers  including the front of house team and even the web/tech master (their one male member of the team) performs sound therapy.  Love it!

ending pain in Pregnancy

I love Isa's book simply because it covers ALL the aspects of working with the Pregnant client that I hold so dear, empowering women to get themselves out of pain, to understand their simplest ailments, nutrition, mind-body strategies and soft tissue pain solutions. The book covers the Pregnant core and Pelvic Floor strength and just as importantly, and often omitted, RELEASE work.  It then moves on to birth preparation and finally onto Post Natal recovery with key information on Diastasis post birth and Pelvic Floor recovery.

In this interview, Isa also covers something that just keeps coming up....Diastasis during Pregnancy and hopefully you'll see that she gives some super clear advice and information on key strategies and best practices. As I said, and this is not an affiliate link in anyway, this book has become one of my most favourites recently as a practitioner and an educator and I'm sure it will hold it's place on my shelf of 'must haves' for some time. It's definitely on the reading list for Burrell Education students.  It was a great interview which I enjoyed so much and I hope you enjoy it too.

PS Check out the Video-Bomb by none other than Michelle Lyons towards the end (22.15)....totally freaked me out! 🙂 (she lives in Ireland you see and Isa is in New York) 🙂

Here's a link to find Ending Pain In Pregnancy on Amazon
Here's a link to Isa's website and awesome blogs
Here's a link to some great video resources for pain relief on Isa's site

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