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Into Women’s Fitness & Wellbeing? Read These Books!


1. Fat Around the Middle - Marilyn Glenville - easy to read and understand. Great for clients who really need to get the message that STRESS is making and keeping them fat!

2.  The Female Body Breakthrough - Rachel Cosgrove - a kick ass text, she tells it how it is and shows you how to get blinding results from pretty easy to do changes in nutrition and beefing up your workouts (not so easy:-) - a personal favourite.

3.  From Belly Fat to Belly Flat - Dr CW Randolph - great if you have clients who are pre or currently menopausal and just can't seem to shift the fat, especially from around their mid-section.  Some tough love here but I guess the mantra is 'want something different, got to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!  I personally, followed this book to help me with my Oestrogen dominance issues.

4.  Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom - Dr. Christianne Northrup - my 'women's business' bible!  Even Oprah has a copy permanently by her bedside.  If you train women, get this!!!!!

5.  Pregnancy & Childbirth - A Holistic Approach to Massage and Bodywork - Suzanne Yates - I studied with Suzanne and was massively inspired.  A beautiful, sentient book, my bodywork, hands-on, Shiatsu-inspired bible.

6.  Anatomy and Physiology for Midwives - Coad with Dunstall - one of the major texts on the reading list for student midwives in the UK.  Heavy on the science but what did you expect? 😉

7.  Optimum Nutrition, Before, During and After Pregnancy - Patrick Holford - Does what it says on the tin from the ever-on-it Mr. Holford.

8.  Fitness for the Pelvic Floor - Beate Carriere - Foundation text.  Period! (Pardon the pun!)

9.  The Metabolic Effect Diet - Jade & Keoni Teta - BIG, BIG SCIENCE MADE SIMPLE!  The Teta brothers rock!  Got stubborn fat all of a sudden?  They'll help you understand what's going on and fix it, dramatically!

10.  Balancing Hormones Naturally - Kate Neil & Patrick Holford - Again, does what it says on the tin.  Great advice and strategies for regaining endocrine balance.

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