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Introducing the NEW Women’s Wellness Weekly Digest!

Introducing the NEW Women's Wellness Weekly Digest!  A weekly roundup of everything 'Women's Wellness' that I've spotted across Social Media over the previous 7 days.  Quite simply, if I think it's awesome, great education and will enhance what we all do, I'll add it to this page.  Movement, Books, Nutrition, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Pelvic Health........

So without further-ado, here's the first instalment featuring some of my favourite practitioners, thinkers, writers and bloggers.....

Week Ending Friday 30th March, 2018

Breathing - Michelle Lyons

First up a great blog from Michelle Lyons about Breathing - seriously, if you're working with the Natal population, assessing and helping your clients to achieve an optimal breathing strategy that fires the Pelvic Floor and the rest of the core is ESSENTIAL!  Michelle explains why in this blog: Does Breathing Matter?

Diastasis Recti Assessment - Diane Lee

I was searching for something else and happened upon this video by  the Queen of Diastasis Recti Diane Lee.  There's a lot going on but overall, what I think is huge here is that the patient/client was asked to activate PF prior to the lift that generated the increased tension at the Linea Alba.  Ultimately Diastasis Rehab is all about 're-integration' of all 'local' elements of the 'core' before going 'global'.  I call it INTRINSIC CORE SYNERGY and add respiration (an exhale) to the proceedings....either way, regardless of how you Coach the client, you can see that a super skilled practitioner IS able to cue the client towards increasing midline tension...which obviously is the ultimate goal.....

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Join myself and the TOPMOST Post Birth Educators and Practitioners on the Planet for this FREE Birth Healing Summit....between us we'll cover EVERYTHING that's important in our professional lives as Post Birth Practitioners - from Soft Tissue Therapy to Social Media for Business.  Here's a list of all the topics and all the presenters and my interview/presentation kicks of the event on Day 1, I hope you can join us all.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR FREE.

  • Assessing more than just the CORE - Lauren Ohayon, founder of Restore Your Core
  • Assessing for an Open Birthing Pelvis -  Lynn Schulte, PT founder of Institute For Birth Healing
  • Piston Science and Rehabbing Athletes Post Birth- Julie Wiebe, PT
  • Sexual Health after Birth - Tracy Sher, PT  founder of Pelvic Guru
  • How to Effectively Work with Trauma - Gena McCarthy
  • Diastasis Recti Assessment and Treatment - Diane, Lee, PT
  • Redefining Diastasis Recti - Sinead Dufour, PT
  • Proper Nutrition for Post Birth Healing - Jessica Drummond, PT
  • Birth’s Effects on Mom and Baby - Sharon King
  • The State of the Postpartum and Yoga Union - Ginger Garner, PT
  • The Core And your Business- Wendy Powell founder of MuTu Systems
  • Healing the Birth Field - Tami Kent, PT founder of Holistic Pelvic Care
  • The Social Nervous System:  Health Care That Serves the Needs of the People
  • Rachelle Garcia Seliga of INNATE Postpartum Care and Traditions
  • Prosperous Postpartum Doula’s Business Essentials - Michele Kalokowski and Faith Davis, LMT and successful doula's
  • Anatomy of the Abs, Nutrition, and Healing C/S Scar - Jenny Burrell of Burrell Education
  • First Do No Harm- To Yourself!  Carole Osborne, LMT

Screening Your Post Natal/Female Clients Masterclass

My gosh, this one simply won't go away 🙂 and I literally can't believe that in 2018 this should be a subject for a webinar but hey ho!  Myself and Australia/NZ Burrell Education Master Trainer Clare Hozack sat down to talk about SCREENING.  Why? How? and Redflag and creating a referral pathway.  If you're still to establish a DEEP SCREEN protocol for your clients or you feel that yours could be tightened up.....YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS RECORDING.  Grab a coffee and a notepad and pen and let's slay this beast together!

You might also find this blog/interview that I did with Michelle Lyons on Pelvic Health Red Flags and creating your referral pathway useful too...

Caring For Ourselves Whilst Caring For Others - Gabor Mate

Have you come across Dr. Mate? He's the author of the amazing book 'When The Body Says No' and many other groundbreaking texts.  He's a huge thought leader in the area of addiction and trauma.  In this presentation he talks about others getting sick whilst caring for others.  As we are all 'carers' for our clients....what steps do we take on a daily and weekly basis to create 'overuse' boundaries and preserve our own health and vitality?  A great presentation and HUGE food for thought.....

Why Bodyworkers are SOOOOO excited at the moment 🙂

They've found a new 'organ'!  It's called INTERSTITIUM! Excellent presentation from Gil Hedley - TRIGGER WARNING: CONTAINS CADAVERSWatch the video on YouTube here, it wouldn't allow embedding....

Final thought......

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