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Is This Your Business Or Is It Your Hobby?

So, again, I've got to ask you.....Is this your BUSINESS OR STILL YOUR HOBBY......take a moment to read on and then you make that call.....

As a purveyor of education, you'll probably be surprised to find that I'm not a fan of people taking multiple of mine or other peoples courses WHEN THEY STILL DON'T HAVE THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THEIR BUSINESS NAILED DOWN.  It's just pointless to spend ages studying, pay a chunk of money for the course and then charge pin-money or 'chump change' for my US readers for your offering.....My friend and colleague Rachel Holmes always talks about people jumping from one shiny thing to the next without consolidating their learning, ensuring they get a return on their Return on Investment (ROI) and overall....RUNNING A BUSINESS!

So many of us came into Fitness/Movement/Wellbeing or Massage/Bodywork because we actually LOVED the disciplines and that's awesome, because to have a business based on your passions is BEYOND A DREAM but for some the dream isn't working out simply because they have not managed to make the transformation from hobbyist to CEO and I truly mean CEO, even if you're a Sole Trader you're still the CEO of your one-man-band empire and if you want to truly reap the benefits of your self-employed and absolute autonomy status, you simply need to get your business a*s in gear!  Soooooooooooo in order of equal importance these are the'top-of-the-list' things you MUST NAIL to BE IN BUSINESS and if any of them are need to nail them NOW!

  1. Just STOP, SIT DOWN, STOP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS, TURN OFF EFFING 'LOVE ISLAND' and spend some time focusing on YOUR MISSION AND YOUR BUSINESS.  What did you come here to do?  Who do you want to help?  What's your zone of genius?  You will be hard-pressed to find anyone 'living their dream' and nailing their aspirations, consuming a shed load of junk TV, always out with their mates, always on Facebook (not unless that's how they actually earn their money).  Don't get me wrong, I love a little Come Dine With Me, to allow my work brain to 'down-regulate' but it's the 1, possibly 2 episodes then I'm done!  I reiterate....people on mission DON'T AVOID WHAT THEY NEED TO BE DOING......they crack on, whether it's a feel good day or not!  Crack on!
  2. Automate your booking and payment system - seriously, if you are answering multiple emails, FB messages, texts and waiting for people to turn up with their cash, just STOP IT and STOP IT NOW!  That's a mess, you know it's a mess and actually, there's now, no excuse for this because there are a dazzling array of automated payment options that you can utilise thanks to the blessing of technology and the internet....there's a system out there that suits you.....go get it!
  3. Stop taking PAYG as your main income and only sell blocks, courses, monthly memberships and annual memberships and then when the majority of your income is via these methods, allow PAYG for the minimum of your income ie., someone wants to come extra this week and so they are allowed to top up.  Bascially, if you don't deal with this, your cash flow will ALWAYS be atrocious because you will be at the whim of the customer.  Ultimately, wellbeing is an ongoing concern....NOBODY will get results without FOCUS so why are you allowing customers to access your wisdom whenever they fancy in the hope that somehow they will be victorious??  Even someone who's been in the industry for a week knows that CONSISTENCY IS EVERYTHING.....sell the 'package' or you will be on the financial roller-coaster forever!  PS just like you, your customers pay for most of their bills MONTHLY.....their wellness bill needn't be any different....
  4. KNOW AND CHARGE YOUR WORTH!  It doesn't matter whether you're offering is online/remote, 1-1 or small group.....your clients/customers are paying for your WISDOM and your ability to GET RESULTS!  Can you get RESULTS?  If yes....charge accordingly regardless of what some uneducated Mummy Blogger is charging for her half-baked downloaded programme, regardless of the Trainer local to you, seemingly offering the same product....YOU CHARGE YOUR WORTH!  But then the question is?  How do you work out your worth?  That's a long, long answer so I answered it via an hour long Facebook Live video here by myself and another hour long video with Rachel can view it in my Burrell Education Student Support Group.
  5. This leads me to this......people have an almost pathological fear of money, doing the maths and calculators but until you LOVE THE MATHS....the maths will keep tripping you up.  You MUST know your numbers and literally watch them like a hawk because 'it not a business unless you make an income' and that too is a HUGE FACT that many don't want to face.  The good news however, is that, if you truly have great education under your belt and you are personable and people like to be around you.....becoming your own CEO, mastering marketing and doing your financials is actually easier than you think....
  6. You MUST start with HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO EARN!  There is no other figure if you are doing business.....then you take a look at what you've got to offer and how it's priced and how many hours you have to work.  RULE 101 of can only increase your income by selling more, charging more or doing both by reaching more people and if you are a one-woman-band, then you can also choose to serve people online too or hire others to deliver your programme(s)......either way.....that's kind of your lot.  If you simply know that you are not earning enough to be THRIVING (and the term is relative) and you feel like you're in survival mode....go through all of the aforementioned and see where you can take action!
  7. Please stop saying 'I'm not good with technology'!!!!!  These computers, the interweb, Facebook and Instagram aren't going anywhere fast and you see the paces of change that we've just witnessed in the last decade?  Guess what?  It's going to not only continue but pick up speed.  As someone born in 1969, I simply can't hear ANYONE younger than me moan about actually have no alternative to embrace it.....not even 'tolerate it'.....EMBRACE IT....because even tho it can literally be the devils own work at times, it actually has the potential to afford you the freedom and reach that you really want and your talents deserve.
  8. Oh and this last one....and I know you will not believe that I could say this to you as an owner of an education company but NO MORE EFFING COURSES!  Yes, I just said that....unless you have a plan a concrete plan to monetize your immediately......taking more and more courses is simply a stalling method, it's sometimes borne of the insecurity that if you know more and more will finally launch you out of your will not.....there are plenty of smart unfulfilled and broke people on this planet to testify that.....ONLY ACTION WILL LAUNCH YOU OUT OF YOUR FUNK....ONLY ACTION!  So, 100%, if there is a serious hole in your knowledge-base and that actually affects your ability to create an offering that gets results and solves problem, do the course but with a PLAN.  If however, you do actually have sufficient information between your's actually GO TIME!

Ok, that's it for you think I'm being harsh?  Even if you think I am, you know there's more than a grain of truth in all of this and I can speak as I speak because I've done your journey from Group Ex to Gym Instructor, to PT to having my own studio, to being sick as a dog and virtually losing my physical business overnight to being forced to use what's between my ears, to being a mom and a wife........and my 1 goal here is to save you a little time, pain and to only speak 'reality'!  Because I KNOW that if you got to the end of this're a determined person, you know what you want but you're stuggling to get your ducks in a row and make a plan that you actually execute.....

If you hated this blog, sorry, not sorry :-)....if you think....IT'S TIME TO GET TO WORK.....over 200 small business owners like you joined me for the launch of the Burrell Education Business Hub Mentorship and made massive strides in moving their businesses out of 'hobby-land' can too!  Class 2 starts on Monday 1st October for 8 weeks.  The kids will be back at school and this will be the perfect time for you to prepare for 2019....MORE INFO HERE!




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  1. Vanessa July 25, 2017 at 10:13 pm #

    That told me!!!!!

    • jenny July 28, 2017 at 6:56 am #

      I’m telling everyone, even myself 🙂

  2. Joan Rainwater-Gish August 4, 2017 at 11:10 pm #

    Well said! Describes me to a T! Thanks for putting it so bluntly that I finally listened.

  3. Kim ingleby January 31, 2018 at 5:13 pm #

    Just always love your stuff Jenny, true light and wisdom, plus kick ass straight talking go do. Thank you xx

  4. Cath Jenkins February 2, 2018 at 8:08 am #

    Thankyou for this blog, it’s where I’m at with my business and I needed that, thankyou ????

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