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I'm utterly passionate about empowering the health of WOMEN through bodywork/massage and movement!

And with nearly 15 years of experience serving this very special population as both a practitioner and educator, you'll be in extremely safe hands.

My personal services revolve around helping you to understand your health issues, helping you  to re-connect to the possibilities of healing and regaining your health/function and helping you to take this information into your REAL LIFE to improve your wellness on a day-to-day level.

The Burrell Method For Holistic Diastasis Healing Programme

Post Natal (recently or even years ago) and in need of restoration help for your Disastasis (Tummy Gap)?  This Holistic Healing programme will help you just as it has many other women....Find out more HERE.

The Burrell Method For Holistic C-Section Recovery

Do you have an achy, tight C-Section Scar and general discomfort in the scar area of your abdomen after birthing or abdominal surgery such as Hysterectomy?  I have the perfect solution for you designed to help you heal inside out and get you back to being pain-free with a better looking belly!  This is such a passion project for me as a therapist and someone who suffered with a slow healing and painful scar.  There is hope!  Find out more HERE!


Modern, Movement-Based Pelvic Floor & Core Restore

If you're not getting great results from your current Pelvic Floor programme including those 'squeeze and lift''re probably in need of a MODERN, Movement-Based Pelvic Floor Programme THAT REALLY WORKS!  Designed for EVERY woman at EVERY life'll  just love FooFooFunClub as hundreds of other women have and will feel the benefits in just a matter of weeks.  You'll be educated, reconnected, supported and I'll get you moving with confidence in your continence.  Come and join the class in Chiswick, London W4 on Tuesday evenings  - find out more here.....

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Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage/Remedial Therapy

Are you looking for a truly THERAPEUTIC Pregnancy or Post Natal Massage/Remedial Therapy to relax and sooth your muscular discomfort?  After your 1st Trimester check, you can book in for a one-of-a-kind mix of deep tissue and soothing, realigning bodywork specifically tailored to your changing body during Pregnancy and as soon as you like after birth, I can also help you and help smooth your passage back into moving and getting comfortable again in your own body.  (Delicious Thermal Stones are included as standard in the Post Natal service).  Read more here....

Another of my 'passion projects & power services' is Power Plate and Whole Body Vibration.  With a myriad of health benefits.  If you are time poor, this amazing machine delivers amazing results for whole body wellness in LESS TIME!  So, if you are interested  in super-sizing both your fat loss, bone health and Pelvic Floor and total core strength using Whole Body Vibration and the Power Plate please get in touch.

I work 1-1 in Maida Vale, London W9 

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