Love for Metabolic Mommy :-)

This is what Metabolic Mommy &  Burrell Education can do for you and your business.......

Here's what one very happy Metabolic Mommy customer, Mairi Taylor, wrote after completing a Taster Session for her first Pregnancy programme......


"So thank you Jenny Burrell this morning I put all my learning of the last few months into practice and ran my first FABmum2b taster class and it was a roaring success. They particularly enjoyed the release section as they didn't realise just how tight they were! They are now interested in FooFooFunClub and massage as well as wanting to join FABbaby booties - I am one happy Metabolic Mommy member."

"I am no longer fearful and am so grateful to have been set free  a few of my Pre-Natal mums run through their Pregnancy, one does Olympic lifting and coaches a Netball team so why would I do pansy training with them - unless of course their needs dictate this but that is why we educate ourselves!"

Mairi, was probably busting moves like these........


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