Massage + Soft Tissue Strategies For Deep Diastasis Healing

Are you considering the role of rib/intercostal-pain in relation to your Post Natal Diastasis clients?  Are your Diastasis clients also presented with mal-aligned rib-cages and/or rib flaring?


I was reading a blog about strategies to alleviate rib pain during Pregnancy and thought about how little it's discussed in reference to the Post Natal period and in particular with relation to Diastasis healing and an altered thorax to pelvis alignment, non-optimal breathing strategies and a lack of synergy within the Post Natal core as driven by respiration.

Diastasis Healing is a multi-disciplinary event and 'exercise' probably comes last on the list of 'what to do' strategies. Within all the Burrell Education offerings covering Diastasis healing, there is a large and on-going emphasis on soft-tissue hands-on strategies to free 'stuck' muscles and connective tissue, improve alignment and restore vital synergy both on a global (external level) and intrinsically.  I love the effectiveness of the IAM (Instrument Assisted Massage) tool (no affiliate link - just a fan 🙂 ) and of course, good old hands on massage strategies such as STR and Ischaemic strategies combined to create time-efficient, long-lasting and highly effective strategies for  freeing 'stuck' tissues at the intercostals, rib surface, diaphragm border and iliac crest (as shown in the video below).

The strategies are part of a 'whole-body' approach to normalizing tissue tension across the abdominal wall especially at their attachments to the bony landmarks something that is often lacking in an 'exercise-based' approach to helping moms improve their core function and aesthetics.

Pelvis Diagram-04 (1)

Neutral Pelvis = ribs stacked directly over the pelvis, Posterior Tilt = ribs stack behind the pelvis and Anterior Tilt = ribs stacked ahead of the pelvis.  Both Diaphragm activation and PF function are negatively impacted by the Posterior and Anterior positions.

These essential strategies massively assist the client in improving their ability to regain an optimal breathing strategy and rib-cage position that when restored will positively assist the innate activation of the deep abdominals and Pelvic Floor through respiration.  An equally valuable added bonus is that these powerful hands-on strategies get new moms out of discomfort and pain and of course massage/bodywork always helps to down-train a frazzled 'new mom nervous system'  and create valuable calm and 'space' which is a treasured commodity for a new and time-poor mom.


The work around the iliac crest, the  lateral aspect of the Pelvis and the pubic mound is also hugely important and often neglected for all Post Natals but especially for C-Section client. Just think about the C-Section procedure and the potential for the development of adhesions due to the surface and deep tissue trauma that occurs because of this procedure....the 'vibration' of this trauma can travel way distal to the actual event......down to the pubic mound and laterally around the whole hoop of the pelvis and this trauma has the potential to affect continence, a sense of connection to the entire core and Pelvic Floor activation and on a deeper level, the continued proliferation of pelvic cavity adhesions can, over time, manifest as bowel function and fertility issues.  Read here for a fuller description of what the tool is actually doing.....

Overall, and as always, this thing of 'Diastasis Healing' is a deep and wide art that required strategies that borrow from multiple disciplines, an enquiring mind and most of all, a professional who is intrigued by and welcomes the bespoke nature of the 'solution' for every woman seeking their help....I love it!

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I hope this blog was helpful to you and if you'd like to go deeper with your Diastasis healing practise, I think you'll love my Advanced On-Line Post Natal Certification.  If you're a Massage Therapist and based in the UK, I also have a two day homage to soft-tissue therapy for the Pregnant and Post Natal client too and if you'd like a 'business in a box' solution for your clients then, I think become a Licensed Holistic Core Restore® Coach might fit the bill.   Either way, come and study with Burrell Education.....I promise a TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE!

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