Massaging Your C-Section Scar? Read This!


If you're working in the world of Pregnancy Massage and Post Natal Remedial Therapy or a mom who has experienced C-Section, you'll find this interesting......

In a previous blog, I discussed the merits of  an 'HOLISTIC Approach to C-Section Recovery' which involved massaging both the scar and surrounding areas to avoid the build up of scar tissue and adhesions that ultimately can restrict a full return to function both in terms of movement and internally.  One area that's rarely discussed with regard to massaging/releasing adhesions that also cause restrictions is at the pubic mound.

If we consider the clamping procedure that is followed in order to gain access to  the uterus (shown below) then you start to understand the importance of including the pubic mound in your C-Section recovery massage routine.  I've found without exception that women presenting for massage to release painfully tight C-Section scars also have a tension, tightness and tenderness in their pubic mound that's really receptive to a little TLC and hands-on work.  Indeed, many women, so focused on their painful or uncomfortable scar actually report that they never even considered that the issues of tension could also affect the pubic mound and always feel an added sense of 'release' and 'freedom' after this area has been treated too.

I favour and teach the use of a small  IAM Tool  to perform the release of the pubic mound over the client's underwear and then teach the client a simple fingertip routine that she can apply for herself until the area softens.  Positive changes usually happen pretty quickly (within the session).


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