Menopause Hot Flashes - The Science and Solutions Made Super Simple - Burrell Education

Menopause Hot Flashes – The Science and Solutions Made Super Simple

Menopause Hot Flashes - The Science and Solutions Made Super Simple! - A 'Living Blog'

Instalment 1 - Why Women Get Hot Flashes

Hello everyone, this is my first blog in quite a long time but I felt it was REALLY required as this blog will literally be added to over time as we find information and resources that both make the science of Menopause Hot Flashes simple but offer practical solutions for both you the reader who is probably a wellness professional serving women and the women that you serve.

Just recently, I posted a link to some new research on the link between hot flashes and both cognitive decline and cardiovascular disease on the Burrell Education Facebook Page which got over 100 likes in a day!  If you're already a student of our 3rd Age Woman Peri-to-Post Menopause course, you'll have already 'had that memo'!  Nevertheless, the new research made for slightly scary reading but personally, the stats although pretty powerful, are actually a reflection of what we already currently know regarding the Peri-to-Post Menopausal years, cognitive decline and heart disease, they just formalized the link between all of these elements and the hot flashes that most of the women in this life-phase are experiencing.  Here's a link to the study.

Info from the British Heart Foundation 

Info on Dementia in Women

So, let's begin with the first video where we just get our ducks in a row regarding the etiology (cause/origin) of a hot flash and what's going on in both your neuro and endocrine systems.  I'll also cover the major theories on why they happen, because there are a few and then I'm going to task you with a couple of jobs to help you TAKE CONTROL!  Remember KNOWLEDGE + ACTION = POWER.  Ultimately YOU HAVE THE POWER TO AFFECT YOUR EXPERIENCE OF HOT FLASHES and actually, all the other health outcomes but because the things you CAN do often seem so simple, people tend not to believe they can actually make a difference themselves, BUT YOU CAN and you really do need to believe that!

See you for the next instalment which will just be added below this one.  Let me know how you get on with these tasks, I'd love to know.  You can post in the Burrell Education Student Support Group which you can join by clicking this link.

Research on Paced Breathing

1 Week Hot Flash Diary - Located in FILES Section of the BE Student Support FB Group

Instalment 2 - Antidepressants for Menopausal Symptoms?

It's happening, antidepressants and other non-hormonal/non-HRT drugs are being prescribed for women with hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms!!  Here's the science made simple......

References For Instalment 2

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