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Assessment & Initial Consultation Content

  • Post Natal Pre-Screening Documents
  • Post Natal Pre-Screening Filmed Talk Through of Pre-Screening Form
  • Pregnancy Exercise Pre-Screening Documents
  • My Ultimate Initial Consultation Checklist
  • How to Check for Diastasis Video & Talk Through
  • Rationale for Grading the Post Natal Core
  • Initial Consultation Body Map
  • Initial Consultation Body Map with Soft Tissue 'Hot Spots'

Modern Post Natal Exercise Content - Theory, Principles & Videos

  • Progressed/Regressed Comprehensive Filmed Functional Exercise Progressions for all stages of Post Natal recovery (Levels 1-4)

Modern Pregnancy Exercise Content - Theory, Principles & Videos

  • Exhale on Exertion
  • The 'Crunchless Core' For Pregnancy
  • Movement Based Pelvic Floor Exercise
  • Self-Selection & The Pregnant Client
  • Motherhood Movement Patterns
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Questionnaire PDF
  • Movement Based Pelvic Floor & The Crunchless Core
  • Dynamic Functional Movement During Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Release/Mobilzation Strategies
  • 'Kind' IT Band & Piriformis Release Strategies  & Carpal Tunnel/Median Nerve 'Release'

Shhhh! Mindfulness & Meditation Content

Shhhh! Soft Tissue/Therapy/Bodywork Content

Business & Marketing Content

  • My ULTIMATE Nutrition For Post Natal Recovery and Fat Loss Done-For-You PDF Manual
  • I Love WordPress On-Line Workshop
  • My Killer Ante/Post Natal Business Blueprint
  • 60 Sure Fire Ways To Attract, Serve & Keep More Pregnant & Post Natal Clients 

Release/Mobilization Content

  • 20+ Filmed, delicious and easy-to-do RELEASES for your Pregnant and Post Natal client who’s in discomfort caused by Upper and Lower Crossed Syndrome issues  

Core Restore Content

  • The Basics of the Crunchless Core Post Natal for Level 1 -4 clients & Glutes Strength Series

C-Section Theory/Recovery & Diastasis Healing Introductory Content

  • The Procedure - How & Why? Including Videos
  • Early Days Recovery, Adhesions & C-Section Scar, Plus Simple Massage Video
  • The Myofascial Lines Affected by C-Section & The Implications For Full Recovery
  • Your Diastasis Recovery Checklist & Early Days Recovery Programme PDF Worksheet & Filmed Exercises

Post Natal Fat Loss & Nutrition

  • 'Love Your Veggies' Rebrandable PDF Cookbook
  • 7 Day Female Fat Loss & Detox Plan - Photos & Recipes of 7 Breakfast Smoothies, 7 Lunches & 7 Dinners
  • (For non-Pregnant & Non-Breastfeeding clients)
  • 5 Great Done-For-You Juice Recipes PDF

Additional Functional Exercise Extras

  • ViPR Mobilization and Functional Exercise Adaptations for the Pregnant & Post Natal Client
  • Safe Kettlebell Adaptations for the Post Natal Client
  • 'Pelvic Floor Safe' Finishers - 20 Brilliant Ways to create the INTENSITY that will burn fat without compromising the Pelvic Health of Post Natal clients.

  • Mini-Band Inspiration and Functional Pregnancy Moves for Indoors & Outdoor
  • 12 Great Exercises Using the Continuous Rubber Resistance Bands with the Pre/Post Natal Client

Presentations & Webinars

  • Power Plate & The Post Natal Client - An extended version of my presentation at W.E.L.L. Summit 2013
  • The Life Cycle of the Ante/Post Natal Client – Live Webinar Recording & Presentation PDF
  • The Art of Selling Without Selling Webinar PDF

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One Single Level of Membership for £17/month