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Over 400 Members Since Launching in September 2012!

Over 600 filmed exercises and therapies! 


For the first time EVER in the world of Pregnancy & Post Natal fitness/wellness education, fitness professional  (and other aligned professionals working with women in this life phase) have access to a  dedicated 1-STOP, ON-LINE EDUCATION RESOURCE CONTAINING AN EXTENSIVE FILMED EXERCISE & THERAPY LIBRARY.

Metabolic Mommy was created to inspire, educate and support you, the working professional in your work with  women during their Pregnancies and in the Post Baby period and way beyond.  To help you create happy successful customers that love your work and want to tell the world!

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Metabolic Mommy education is aimed at certified advanced level professionals, it's all about polishing your diamond.  Metabolic Mommy  starts where your inital Pre/Post Natal certification/education ended.  You need to have sound foundation education in this area already as I will assume you know an EPISIOTOMY from a DIASTATIS  and way, way more!

 If you're just starting out in your fitness career and this speaks to you BUT YOU HAVE NO FOUNDATION EDUCATION, check out the rest of the site as there are lots of avenues for you to take to gain certification and start your career off on the right foot.  Ultimately this content is about POLISHING YOUR SWORD....not a short cut!  Burrell Education is consistently striving to part of the 'solution', never part of the problem!

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