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Modern Post Natal Assessement + Exercise Prescription – Australia/NZ


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Modern Post Natal Assessment + Exercise Prescription – LIVE


Course Contents Pre-Learning

  • Myofascial Lines and Biotensegrity Theory 101
  • The 'Kegel Continuum'
  • Links to Full Obstetric and Gynaecology Guidelines and Resources for your Country
  • Pelvic Floor, Continence, Prolapse 101
  • Diastasis Theory 2016 Update
  • Optimal Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery Essential Elements Presentation
  • Fat Loss theory + protocols for the Post Natal client
  • Pre-Screening the Post Natal Client Video Presentation
  • Birthing Videos - Vaginal Birth, C-Section, C-Section Adhesion + Scar Tissue, Episiotomy + Repair

Course Contents LIVE

  • Australia +NZ National Post Natal Exercise Guidelines + Birthing Stats
  • Special considerations when working with the Post Natal client
  • PRACTICAL - Assessing alignment changes during the Post Natal period
  • Dynamic Intregrated Mobilizations (DIMs) for the Post Natal client - 'stretching' REVOLUTIONIZED!
  • The Myofascial System and the deep core
  • Teaching Kegels and Progressing to Integrated Core and Pelvic Floor Exercise Using Conscious + Unconscious Movement & Imagery
  • Integrated Functional Exercise for The Post Natal Client – Motherhood Movement Patterns®
  • The Key Elements of Optimal Nutrition For Post Natal Recovery - CASE STUDY PRACTICAL
  • PRACTICAL - Assessing and 'grading' the Post Natal core - testing for Diastasis Recti + Assessing and Coaching Instrinsic Core Synergy®
  • Communicating with another Health Care Provider or Referring Your Client
  • PRACTICALS - 'Putting It All Together' – Creating appropriate BESPOKE programming for an early through til late/restored Post Natal client
  • PRACTICALS - Mindfulness, meditation and restorative practices for the Post Natal client
  • PRACTICAL - Myofascial Foam Rolling for the Post Natal client
  • The Burrell Education 'Business Hack'

Post Course Content

  • Eternal access to the Facebook Support Group for ongoing support and education - hosted by Jenny Burrell + Your Live Tutor
  • Eternal access to the online learning portal + content
  • Video content of Diastasis Recti Testing and Testing for Intrinsic Core Synergy®
  • Eternal access to the course exercise library - Over 100 videos including Dynamic Releases and Mobilizations,  Core' Exercises, Integrated Functional Exercise Progressions - EVERYTHING you need to create a 'standout' programme that GETS RESULTS! And you can return to view them over and over again!
  • Mindfulness + Meditation Content - for sharing with your clients
  • Visual Alignment Assessment video tutorial
  • Myofascial Foam Rolling for the Post Natal client full video tutorial
  • The Burrell Education 'Business Hack' Video Presentations

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Testimonials for Modern Post Natal Assessment + Exercise CPD

I attended both the Pregnancy and Post Natal Course in London weekend of the 26th and 27th November 2016. I can not recommend these courses enough.

Have previously taken this course with a different service provided, I never felt I had the knowledge to teach a pregnancy or Post Natal class. However after Jenny s course – I can’t wait to get going, it was amazing – I now feel knowledgable, motivated but most of all supported, I have already been on and used the support group – I really could ask for more from a course – 5 STAR all the way.

Thank you Burrell Education.Jill Purdy, Fitness For All

lyndon_3After researching all of the postnatal courses out there, it became very obvious that there was only one course to do, Jenny Burrell’s.

From the moment I signed up with the pre-learning videos everything was highly organised, professional and obviously at the top of the game.
The day of the course was excellent. The information was great, practical and delivered in a fun but informative manner.
But, the learning doesn’t stop at the moment you leave the venue. The follow up, support and ongoing information makes you feel like you are never alone in your learning and development.

I can’t recommend the Modern Post Natal and Burrell Education highly enough. It is a no brainer for anyone looking at studying postnatal exercise and assessment.Lyndon Littlefair, Yummy Tummies

A brilliant, well instructed, informative, content heavy, hands on course.

I’m new to this industry having only been working within it for 1 year. I found my pre and post natal qualification totally based on theory and felt that it didn’t equip me to serve my ladies well. I did one of Jenny’s online courses which gave me a good steer, but this live course was awesome.
Jenny is a brilliant instructor. Knowledgable, funny and focused, the day was well structured, had good pace and I have learnt so much! On top of that, I feel more confident about the bits of the business I was doing already and found Jenny’s energy and enthusiasm infectious- I’m ready to transform my business.
Do not hesitate to do this course if you work with this population, need a bit of confidence, want some hands on training and to feel inspired!Annie Faith, Annie Faith Fitness