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Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise Prescription – Australia/NZ


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Modern Pregnancy Exercise Prescription – LIVE


Course Contents Pre-Learning

  • Myofascial Lines and Biotensegrity Theory during Pregnancy
  • The 'Kegel Continuum'
  • Motherhood Movement Patterns® during Pregnancy
  • Links to Full Obstetric and Gynaecology Guidelines and Resources for your Country
  • Pelvic Floor, Continence, Prolapse 101
  • Pre-Screening the Pregnant Client - Cautions, Contraindications and Red Flag Conditions
  • Foetal Development Throughout the Trimesters Video Series
  • Birth Style + Interventions Videos - C-Section, Vaginal, Episiotomy, Forceps and Ventous
  • Epidural explained
  • Obstetric Choleostasis explained
  • Pre-Eclampsia explained

Course Contents LIVE

  • Australia +NZ National Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines + Birthing Stats
  • Special considerations when working with the Pregnant client
  • Global Optimal Nutrition Guidelines During Pregnancy + Useful Resources
  • PRACTICAL - Assessing alignment changes during Pregnancy
  • Dynamic Intregrated Mobilizations (DIMs) for the Pregnant client - 'stretching' REVOLUTIONIZED!
  • The Myofascial System and the core during Pregnancy
  • Teaching Kegels and Progressing to Integrated Core and Pelvic Floor Exercise Using Conscious + Unconscious Movement & Imagery
  • Implication of Training the Pregnant Core and Pelvic Floor
  • Regressed Integrated Functional Exercise for The Pregnant Client – Motherhood Movement Patterns®
  • The Key Elements of Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy - CASE STUDY PRACTICAL
  • PRACTICAL -  Assessing and Coaching Instrinsic Core Synergy® during Pregnancy
  • Communicating with another Health Care Provider or Referring Your Client
  • PRACTICALS - 'Putting It All Together' – Creating appropriate BESPOKE programming throughout all 3 Trimesters
  • PRACTICALS - Mindfulness, meditation and birth preparation practices for the Pregnant Client
  • PRACTICAL - Getting your Pregnant client out of pain - Simple soft-tissue strategies for back pain, Piriformis pain, knee pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for non-massage therapist.
  • The 4th Trimester and supporting your clients return to exercise in the Post Natal period.
  • The Burrell Education 'Business Hack' - Attracting, serving and retaining the Pregnant client MASTERCLASS.

Post Course Content - You have ETERNAL ACCESS TO THIS CONTENT!

  • Eternal access to the Facebook Support Group for ongoing support and education - hosted by Jenny Burrell + Your Live Tutor
  • Eternal access to the online learning portal + content
  • Video content of Assessing Alignment During Pregnancy and the rationale for creating a suitable 'release and mobilization' programme adaptable throughout the Trimesters.
  • Eternal access to the course exercise video library - Nearly 100 filmed exercises including Dynamic Releases and Mobilizations, Core Exercises, Integrated Functional Exercise Progressions - EVERYTHING you need to create a 'standout' programme that GETS RESULTS!
  • Mindfulness + Meditation Content - for sharing with your clients
  • Adapting Myofascial Foam Rolling for the Pregnant client full video tutorial
  • Getting your Pregnant client out of pain video's - Simple soft-tissue strategies for back pain, Piriformis pain, knee pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for non-massage therapist.
  • The Burrell Education 'Business Hack' - Attracting, serving and retaining the Pregnant client MASTERCLASS Video Presentations

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HaylleyPitmanI really enjoyed this modern pregnancy CPD course, as doing the pre-course learning at home allowed me to learn and digest the information in my own time (especially useful as I am dyslexic. Then attending the day we spent 90% of the time doing practical application and pulling everything together.

Haylley Pittam

dsp_6429The pre-learning and exam prior to the course meant that there was ample time to focus on the practical and hands-on elements during the live day. Having Jenny and the master trainers there to observe and offer their expertise and experience was awesome. I came away feeling enthused and confident that I had a much greater depth of knowledge for working with pregnant clients. Usually at the end of a course, attendees can’t wait to get out of the door but as I left to get my train everyone was still asking questions and chatting. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to work with pregnant women.

Beth Davies, Embody Training

I have thoroughly enjoyed Burrell Educations modern pregnancy Live course, from the online material as pre-reading through to the day itself which was very much hands on and built on the online material. Very valuable to building my knowledge and experience and has opened up my repertoire of solutions I can use with clients and made me think more about exercise prescription more logically so always thinking how to best serve individual clients based on their needs. Thank you, Jenny.

Versha Patel, Birth & Beyond Fitness