My Top Productivity Tips – Not What You Might Think!

In the spirit of getting one's bum in gear at this time of the year, I thought I'd share with you my top Productivity Tips, I hope they help!


1.  Get 'Geed Up' as my father-in-law would say.  Try starting the day by bombing yourself with TOTAL POSITIVITY.  This gets played A LOT!

Check out the line about the richest place on the planet being a graveyard, "full of songs unsung".  A few pages from this gentleman's book would also be an ideal way to start your day with AWESOMENESS!

2.  I light a scented candle at the beginning of the work day and it only gets blown out when I finish work - nice 'lady touch' but I LOVE FIRE! & the great scent turns your desk into a spa-situation LOL!  We allowed to work and 'nice-up' ourselves you know!

3.  I always work with noise-cancelling headphones on! REALLY improves my focus.  Also try playing beautiful music (without lyrics), that too can keep you in the zone.  I ADORE THESE GUYS - The Avishai Cohen Trio 🙂

Or it's this amazing lady.....just one track is enough and it's usually this one 🙂

4.  Don't rely on your memory to help you get through your jobs AT ALL. Because YOU WILL get to bed thinking, "Darn it!  I forgot to do something VERY IMPORTANT!"  So try having an easy to view whiteboard that lists every job you need to get through in the day.  I have jobs that need to be done daily so basically I just list them and the days of the week and get up and tick them off when done.  The ticking off is really symbolic as this gives you momentum.  These whiteboard sheets are genius and go up on any wall, cheap, flexible and re-usable.

5.  Practice positive reinforcement within or at the end of each day.   Really nailed this recently, my RESTORATIVE TIME to end my day.  I blogged about it here.  These are a few of my top tips and starting next week, I returned to ICE SKATING one morning a week - did I tell you that I LOVE SKATING and I'm pretty good at it 🙂 and I know for sure that will be ENERGY IN!  Also adore a little manicure and pedicure, that too is a favourite day-time treat that really brings home the joy of a self-directed life.

6.  I very rarely have a phone conversations or answer my phone when it rings.....You need to decide which modes of communication work best for you and speaking doesn't work for me AT ALL when I'm trying to create or work through a list.  Completely throws my energy.  Facebook or email allow me to control my 'communication' time.  Have a think about which ways are best for people to communicate with you and just let people know that you are contactable but only through specific're allowed!

7.  De-clutter your inbox.  I used to have the most cluttered inbox in the world then I found THIS  This is genius!  First you unsubscribe to anything that you've been meaning to for ages (you just get a complete list and you click keep or delete).  THEN, they send you a daily email (mine arrives first thing in the morning) of all your subscriptions.  I can still get a deliberate normal email if it's sent to me but what I don't have is 100 emails of stuff I'm not opening or interested in anymore and my inbox is now clear and TINY!  That's a nice feeling.


8.  Finally, and it probably should have been at the top of the post actually.......say THANKYOU for what you have right here, right now because that attitude of gratitude is like the most soothing balm to an 'itchy life' 🙂





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