Natal Strength® – The Definitive Guide To A Safe Return To Strength Training Post Birth

Introducing NatalStrength® - The Definitive Guide To A Safe Return To Strength Training Post Birth!

  A brand new offering from Burrell Education in collaboration with Richard Scrivener (Strength and Conditioning Coach and Global Educator) and Vivienne Rounsley (Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and CrossFit Coach).  NatalStrength® is the perfect addition to your foundation Post Natal Exercise/Movement education for those wishing to work safely and effectively with the Post Birth woman following Strength and Conditioning Training protocols once foundation 'core restoration' has be achieved.

Module 1 - Foundation Birthing, Pelvic Health and Post Natal Anatomy & Physiology - Jenny Burrell

Module 2 - The Principles of Programming Progressive Overload - Richard Scrivener

Module 3 - Post Natal Mobility Re-Imagined - Jenny Burrell and Richard Scrivener

Module 4 - 80 NatalStrength® Progressions for the Key Human Movement Patterns, the Kegel Continuum PLUS, and Excel Spreadsheet 'Programme Generator' - Richard Scrivener, Vivienne Rounsley, Jenny Burrell

Module 5 - 'Strong Mom' Interviews - Insightful Interviews with REAL MOMS - who lift heavy - Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting and CrossFit!

Course FAQ's

Pre-Requisites: Who is this Course For?
  • ANY Certified and Insured Movement Professional already certified to work with the Post Natal population
  • Pre/Post Natal Post Natal Yoga Professionals
  • Pre/Post Natal Pilates Professionals
  • Post Natal Certified Strength Coaches
  • Post Natal Physiotherapists
  • Post Natal Certified Fitness Professionals
  • Post Natal Certified Women’s Health Educators + Clinicians
  • Midwives
  • Doulas
Who has accredited this Online Education?
Like most Burrell Education courses, this education has been accredited by PDApproval/REPs in the UK and candidates will receive the allotted 7 CPD points on completion of all test elements. (Burrell Education is a Licensed Education Provider).   This education is also accredited by NASM and carries CEU points also.  All certificates of completion will bear the accreditation logos and appropriate CPD/CEU points.

A 30 question multiple choice exam covering the contents of Modules 1 + 2 needs to be passed (70% minimum mark) in order to gain Burrell Education certification and the CEU/CPD points available.

How is this Education delivered? What kit do I need?
You need a computer and internet connection.  The full content is available IMMEDIATELY on part or full payment for the course.
Will I be well supported on this education even though it is delivered on-line?
YES, you will, 100%.  There will be an associated Facebook Support Group which will give you directly daily access to the tutors/authors and all of the other course participants.
How much time do I need to put aside for study?
I feel that this depends on your study style but 3-4 hours maximum for each module should be sufficient.  But you have eternal access so may wish to return to the content and go over again.
How Long Can I Access The Content?
Forever and ever!  Access to both all materials, videos, PDF downloads and the Facebook Support Group are open to you forever.
What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy?
You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .

It is ACCESS ANYTIME which means once you purchase you get access to all the Modules and Content and the Facebook Support Group hosted by Jenny Burrell, Co-Authors and the rest of the Burrell Education Admin Team immediately and you complete the contents and exam in your own time.


Your Investment: £0!!

This course is now included in the Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner Package CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION!