Optimal Health Before and After Hysterectomy

Burrell Education is excited to bring you this freshly updated and fully expanded, EVERGREEN version of this hugely popular ONLINE CERTIFICATION.  With the numbers of Hysterectomies being carried out globally on the increase, ALL wellness professionals working with women throughout their lifespan need this vital information in their kit bag because the preparation for Hysterectomy MATTERS.  Having a solid recovery plan MATTERS.  And the ‘rest of lifetime’ health considerations MATTER.

Ultimately, a woman’s Hysterectomy story is as individual as the woman herself.  What brings a woman to the decision to have a Hysterectomy and how she prepares and recovers from it are all subjects that require way more care and attention than currently afforded them in the world of wellness.  This education aims to powerfully redress the balance and give the learner a plentiful kitbag of heartfelt stories, theory and practical application that when applied in a bespoke manner to the Hysterectomy client, has the power to transform her experience FOR THE REST OF HER LIFETIME!

Part 1

  • The Global Stats + Why Women Have Hysterectomies
  • Hysterectomy Alternatives
  • Hysterectomy Classification and Nomenclature
  • The Hysterectomy Procedure
  • Risk of POP Post Hysterectomy - A New Paradigm?
  • Pelvic Adhesions and Hysterectomy And Other Potential Complications
  • Hysterectomy Story Interview – Real Women, Real Stories, Real Recoveries

Part 2

  • Healing Nutrition Before and After Hysterectomy – including Done-For-You PDF Recipe Download For Your Clients
  • Preparing for Your Surgery and Going into Hospital
  • Preparing to Leave Hospital and Returning Home
  • Early Days of Recovery Support and Self-Care (Lifting, Sleeping, Bowel Health, Surgery Gas)
  • Early Days of Recovery – The Beginnings of Breath Rehab and Movement Rehab + Reconnecting the Core
  • The Role of Women’s Health Physiotherapy Before and After Hysterectomy – Fiona Mitchell
  • HRT Post Hysterectomy – What Every Woman Needs to Know But Is Rarely Told! – Dr. Katie Armstrong
  • Hysterectomy Story Interview – Real Women, Real Stories, Real Recoveries

Part 3 - Practical Application for Touch Therapists

  • Can We Talk About The Power of Pelvic Embodiment Before and After Hysterectomy?
  • Soft Tissue and Manual Therapy Techniques for Hysterectomy Rehab
  • The Global and Pelvic Lymphatic System
  • Self-Care Scar Rehab, Lymphatic Therapy and Visceral Mobility Techniques
  • Getting the Breath Back On-Line - Hands-on Techniques
  • Reconnecting the Core - Progressing to Light Loading
  • Pelvic Floor Relaxation - A Whole Body Approach

Part 4

  • Fascially Inspired, Progressed Mobilizations for Whole Body Reintegration
  • ‘A Graded Return to Functional Movement’
  • Putting It All Together – Creating Transformational Programming
  • Putting It All Together – Creating Transformational Offerings For Your Business
  • Great Sources of Information/Hysterectomy Resources

Please Note: Parts 1 and 2 of this course are available immediately on purchase.
Part 3 goes live in May and Part 4 in June.


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Pre-Requisites: Who is this CPD/CEU For?
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Yoga Practitioners
  • Pilates Practitioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Ultimately……….ALL passionate professionals who want to go deeper and really improve their service and support for women in the P2PM Transition.
Who has accredited this CPD and CPD and CEU Points Info

Burrell Education is a CIMPSA Accredited Education Provider in the UK.  Accredited by NASM in the USA and Globally and CanFitPro in Canada.

How Is This Course Delivered? What kit do I need?
You need a computer and internet connection.
Will I Be Well Supported On This Course Even Though It Is Delivered On-Line?
YES, you will, 100%.  The Burrell Education Student Facebook Group will give you directly daily access to the Burrell Education team for as long as you need it both during your learning-to-certification period and after certification.
How Much Time Do I Need To Put Aside For Study?
This depends on your study style and the length of time you spend on each Part.  5 hours for each module should be more than sufficient but you can work at your own pace throughout the course.
How Do I Secure Access to This Course?
Your first payment, whether in full or by instalments, secures your spot and access to all available content!
How Long Can I Access The Course Content On-Line?
Forever!  All students have ETERNAL ACCESS TO ALL CONTENT ONLINE AND DOWNLOADED AS WELL AS THE SUPPORT GROUP and the Evergreen nature of the course means that whenever we update the content, you will get access to that as well.
What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy?
You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .

The Multiple Choice End of Content Tests (10 Questions) will be available for candidates to take on-line after each Module where testing is required.  The past mark for all tests is 75%.  Candidates are able to re-take the test without limit in order to attain the pass mark.