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Post Natal Core Restore & The Myofascial Lines

As my journey continues in this part of fitness and Women's Wellness, I am more and more convinced that without having an appreciation of the Thomas Myers' Myofascial Lines, our attempts at Post Natal Core Restore  and Post Natal Exercises programming are pretty much hamstrung.

If you have massage or bodywork education as part of your kitbag, these lines were taught to you as a matter of course just the same as the normal muscle anatomy and physiology.  But in the world of fitness especially at non-advanced levels, A&P = muscles.  This is a slight problem if you're working with a client base whose MUSCLES don't work so well.

When we are trying to heal Diastasis or get the Post Natal client reconnected to her Pelvic Floor, a deep appreciation of the Deep Front Line, it's journey throughout the body and the areas along this line that could hinder the restoration process is KING!

Here's a summary of the DFL journey:

  • The Deep front Line begins on the sole of the foot  and helps to lift the arch of the foot. It continues up the back of the legs and into the Adductor muscle group and then inserts at the Ischiopubic Ramus of the pelvis and journies through the Obturator fascia, truly uniting it with the Pelvic Floor muscles.
  • The DFL then journies upwards via the anterior sacral fascia.  The DFL has several aspects and one connects the Pectineus, Iliopsoas, Quadratus Lumborum and the Anterior Longditudinal Ligament which runs along the inside surface of the spinal column from the pelvis to the cervical region.
  • The DFL then spilts into portions taking in the anterior to posterior aspects of the thoracic cavity and taking in the respiratory diaphragm, sternum and anterior neck and the anterior longitudinal ligament (up the front of the spine) all the way to the  posterior neck muscles.  It ends its journey at the cranium with the Masseter and Temporalis.
  • So, the DFL is involved in respiration and breathing, core activation, pelvic stablization, stabilization of the neck and head and Pelvic Floor function and it has a connection to the Linea Alba too and the abdominal wall so also has a role in Diastasis rehab too.

So, a few thoughts and activities.....

1.  Perform a Kegel and then relax, now create a tension in your face by clenching your teeth/ try to perform a Kegel.  Less 'signal'?.....Hmmmm, does a tense, stressed, angry face/overactive Temporalis/Masseter muscle short circuit your connection to your Pelvic Floor????????????

2.  Whilst seated, place your fist between your knees and exhale to the end of your breath while gently squeezing your fist.  'LISTEN' to you Adductors speaking to your Pelvic Floor.   Conversely, press out against your hands as you exhale and 'LISTEN' to the external rotators of the femur also speaking to your Pelvic Floor - the Obturator group/fascia is key here - part of the Deep Front Line (DFL) and the adductors are part of the  Front Functional Line.

3.  Think about the postural changes caused by too short QL 's or hip flexors that take and hold the Pelvis in an anterior tilt and the consequent 'switching off' of optimal Pelvic Floor function/activation - Deep Front Line again......

4.  Think of the trickle down effect of forward head posture on the capacity to fire INTRINSIC CORE SYNERGY in this position??  Now poke your chin/nose forward, round your shoulders and now try to you exhale, are you able to connect with your Pelvic Floor like before when you had optimal posture?

Your 'Inner Unit' HAS TO WORK IN SYNERGY for your Pelvic Floor and the rest of the 'Core' to work......

5.  Lastly, as you're stood, connect with your Pelvic Floor and then pronate and supine your feet slowly.  Can you feel a change in the tension of the Pelvic Floor?  Hope so.....what do you think are the implications of fallen arches and the change to the Plantar Fascia and foot size due to excessive weight gain in pregnancy on Pelvic Floor and DFL function post birth??

So, from your feet to your face/nose to your's all connected and I hope you agree that we can't really talk Post Natal Core Restore without talking Myofascia and the Myofascial Lines as well as muscles...................

These pioneering souls below have GOT IT!  They look so happy because they just completed my Modern Post Natal Assessment & Exercise Prescription and YOU CAN TOO!  

or if you're not in the UK, check out the Advanced Post Natal On-Line Glboal we go SUPER DEEP and I think you'll LOVE IT!



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