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Power Plate ® Post Natal Assessment & Exercise Prescription CPD – Aust/NZ

PPPN Image NEWAre you working with or looking to work with the Post Natal client?  Are you Power Plate® Certified?  If yes, then you will LOVE this UNIQUE leading-edge, live certification includes everything you need to assess and prescribe bespoke core restore and global strength programming to moms at any stage on their Post Natal journey…….updated and re-imagined for 2015!  We’ve gone deeper with your learning and the content that you take away to ensure you create the BEST possible programming for your clients during this important life phase.

If you are already certified as Power Plate® Instructor and/or studio owner  and you would like to extend your education in order to serve the Post Natal client, this in-depth and UNIQUE certification will help you to create a ready-to-go system that gets RESULTS and creates happy, restored moms!  Suitable for 1-1 or small group training scenarios.


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Blended Learning = Extensive On-Line Pre-Learning + 1-Day Live Practical Skills Application


Course Content - Pre-Learning

  • Links to Full Obstetric and Gynaecology Guidelines and Resources for your Countryl
  • Research + theory on the benefits of Whole Body Vibration and Pelvic Floor activation, strengthening, downtraining and incontinence.
  • Myofascial Lines and Biotensegrity Theory 101.
  • The 'Kegel Continuum' and WBV.
  • Pelvic Floor, Continence, Prolapse 101.
  • Diastasis Theory 2016 Update.
  • Optimal Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery Essential Elements Presentation.
  • Pre-Screening the Post Natal Client Video Presentation - Cautions and Contraindication for WBV and certain Post Natal pelvic health conditions.
  • Birthing Videos - Vaginal Birth, C-Section, C-Section Adhesion + Scar Tissue, Episiotomy + Repair.
  • Modern strategies for incorporating the principles of Metabolic Resistance Training using WBV for the ultimate modern Post Birth fat loss strategy.
  • Overview of application of this content to the Peri to Post Menopausal population.

Course Contents LIVE

  • Australia +NZ National Post Natal Exercise Guidelines + Birthing Stats.
  • Special considerations when working with the Post Natal client.
  • PRACTICAL - Assessing alignment changes during the Post Natal period.
  • Dynamic Integrated Mobilizations (DIMs) for the Post Natal client - 'stretching and mobilizations' REVOLUTIONIZED using WBV.
  • Sychronizing the power of WBV with the Myofascial System and the core and Pelvic Floor for Diastasis repair and Pelvic Floor strength training.
  • Integrated Functional Exercise for The Post Natal Client – Motherhood Movement Patterns® utlizing WBV.
  • The Key Elements of Optimal Nutrition For Post Natal Recovery - CASE STUDY PRACTICAL.
  • PRACTICAL - Assessing and 'grading' the Post Natal core - testing for Diastasis Recti + Assessing and Coaching Instrinsic Core Synergy®.
  • Applying WBV and 'nose to toes' global body tensioning to accentuate 'core reconnection' and advance your Pelvic Floor and Diastasis Repair protocols.
  • Down-training of the nervous system and Pelvic Floor using WVB.
  • Communicating with another Health Care Provider or Referring Your Client.
  • PRACTICALS - 'Putting It All Together' – Creating appropriate BESPOKE programming for an early through til late/restored Post Natal client.
  • PRACTICALS - Mindfulness, meditation and restorative practices for the Post Natal client.
  • PRACTICAL - Myofascial Foam Rolling and simple soft tissue strategies for the non-therapist.
  • The Burrell Education 'Business Hack'

Post Course Content

  • Eternal access to the Facebook Support Group for ongoing support and education - hosted by Jenny Burrell + Your Live Tutor
  • Eternal access to the online learning portal + content
  • Video content of Diastasis Recti Testing and Testing for Intrinsic Core Synergy®
  • Eternal access to the course exercise library - Over 100 videos including Dynamic Releases and Mobilizations,  Core' Exercises, Integrated Functional Exercise Progressions - EVERYTHING you need to create a 'standout' programme that GETS RESULTS! And you can return to view them over and over again!
  • Mindfulness + Meditation Content - for sharing with your clients
  • Whole Body Vibration Yoga Flow Video - for sharing with your clients
  • Myofascial Foam Rolling and simple Soft Tissue strategies incorporating WBV for the Post Natal client full video tutorial
  • The Burrell Education 'Business Hack' Video Presentations

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 Want to know more?  Watch the video, read the research and blog and the research/rationale that supports this programme below...

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Melbourne 2015

Jenny teaching in Melbourne, Australia, Sept 2015.