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Power Plate ® Post Natal Assessment & Exercise Prescription CPD (Blended Learning – Live + On Line)

Are you working with or looking to work with the Post Natal client?  Are you Power Plate® Certified?  If yes, then you will LOVE this UNIQUE leading-edge, live certification includes everything you need to assess and prescribe bespoke core restore and global strength programming to moms at any stage on their Post Natal journey.......updated and re-imagined for 2015!  We've gone deeper with your learning and the content that you take away to ensure you create the BEST possible programming for your clients during this important life phase.


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 This is a DUAL CERTIFICATION combining the Burrell Education Advanced Post Natal Certification with specific education regarding the application of Powerplate technology suitable for the Post Natal client.

Blended Learning (1-Day Live Practical Skills & Extensive On-Line Content)

  1. Up-to-date underpinning medical guidelines regarding the Pregnancy, birthing and post birth period and implications for creating restorative, functional exercise prescription using Whole Body Vibration (WBV).
  2. A blue-print for carrying-out a thorough Initial Consultation including applying a Post Natal Pre-Screening (Focussed on Pelvic/Core Health) specific to Powerplate instruction.  This is vital to help you clearly define who this programme is most suitable for and methods of referral if client present with 'red flag' conditions.
  3. Guidance on assessing and grading the recovery and strength  of the clients' post birth core including the synergy between the Pelvic Floor and the rest of the core and assessing the and Abdominal Wall for DIASTASIS,  in order to create bespoke and safe exercise prescription.
  4. The most cutting-edge instruction on CONSCIOUS, UNCONSCIOUS & MOVEMENT BASED PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISE incorporating Whole Body Vibration.
  5. Modern multi-planar 'release & mobilization' strategies specific to the Post Birth client using Whole Body Vibration.
  6. A rationale and system for creating a truly functional and integrated fitness programme for mothers at every stage of their Post Birth recovery.
  7. Modern strategies for incorporating the principles of Metabolic Resistance Training using WBV for the ultimate modern Post Birth fat loss strategy.
  8. Comprehensive downloadable PDF lecture notes and 'eternal access' filmed exercise content detailing a complete strategy for creating effective programmes back at your facility or within your business that your new-mom clients will love.
  9. Transferable content to all non-Pregnant females you serve, especially the Peri to Post Menopausal population. 


If you are already certified as Power Plate® Instructor and/or studio owner  and you would like to extend your education in order to serve the Post Natal client, this in-depth and UNIQUE certification will help you to create a ready-to-go system that gets RESULTS and creates happy, restored moms!  Suitable for 1-1 or small group training scenarios.  


Module 1 – Foundation Natal Anatomy/Physiology and Assessment (ON-LINE PRE-LEARNING)

1. Pregnancy into Post Natal Period Alignment 2. The Post Natal Core & Pelvic Floor 3. The Myofascial System During Pregnancy into the Post Natal Period 4. The Birthing Processes and Implications for Post Natal Recovery 5. Indepth Post Natal Pre-Screening (including Pelvic Health Pre-Screening) 6. The Perfect Post Natal Initial Consultation Masterclass

Bonus Content Interview – What’s ‘Normal’ After Birth and When To Seek Referral For Your Clients 

Module 2 - Honing Your Hands-On Assessment & Remedial Therapy Strategies To Facilitate Core Restore for the Post Natal Client (ON-LINE PRE-LEARNING)

1. Performing/Assessing & Categorizing Post Natal Core Function - Diastasis, Breathing Patterns, Intrinsic Core Synergy & Considerations/Strategies for the C-Section Client
2. Modern Movement Based Pelvic Floor Exercise® - Theory & Application
3. Hands on & off ‘Release Strategies’ and Dynamic Mobilizations for the Post Natal Client to Facilitate Core Restore using Whole Body Vibration (WBV)

Bonus Content Video Interview  - Going Deeper With Pelvic Anatomy – Bladder Dysfunction Terminologies, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Hernias 

Your Live Day Content


Module 3 – Restoring The Post Natal Core Via Bespoke Integrated Functional Training and WBV - A Modern & Revolutionary Approach

1.  The Natal Crunchless Core®- Post Natal – Theory and Application of Modern Integrated Core Restore Post Birth.
2. Holistic Diastasis Healing® – Key Antatomy, Rationale, Strategies and How To Help Clients Back to Optimal Function
3. Motherhood Movement Patterns® Theory, Practical Application & Programming – Modern Functional Training For REAL Moms with REAL lives.


Module 4 – Holistic Post Natal Nutrition & Endocrine System - 

1. Deep Nutrition for Post Natal Healing and Hormonal Balance
2. The Post Natal Endocrine System
3. Modern Fat Loss Protocols Tailored for the Post Natal Client utilising WBV

(This Module is further supported by additional post live day content that you can view at your leisure). 

Bonus Content Video Interview- The Post Natal Endocrine System and the Perimenopausal Mom 


Module 5 – Wowing, Wooing, Attracting, Serving and Keeping Your Post Natal Clients

1. Mastering Your On-Line Socal Media Strategies
2. Mastering Your Off-Line Community Strategies
3. Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Collaborations and Getting In Front of those Mommies!
4. Feminizing Your Business & Truly Speaking to and Connecting With Women
5. Programming Beyond the ‘Post Natal’ Years
6. The Ante-Post Natal Client Life-Cycle…..How to plan your business to avoid dips in income and keep you client even after their return to work

(This Module is further supported by additional post live day content that you can view at your leisure).

Bonus Content Video Interview – Charging Your Worth, Being Visible and Working ON Your Business 


Module 6 – Putting It All Together - How to take all the key elements of this amazing education, add your individual special sauce and create a wonderful class, small group or 1-1 sessions.  Jenny will give you the benefit of her 16 years of working with the Post Natal client and her years of using WBV with this population to provide inspiration and guidance on how to combine all the elements of programme creation into an extra special, stand-out offering for your business.

The ONLINE content of this education delivered in INSTANT ACCESS MODULES via a blend of Voiced Over PowerPoint Presentations supported by candidate PDFs and video lectures/presentations.

REPs Members Pre-Requisites and CPD Points Information

Candidates who are REPs registered member are required to hold an Ante/Post Natal QUALIFICATION as a pre-requisite of attending this course.  On completion of all aspects of this education, the candidate will be awarded 8 CPD Points and certification from Burrell Education.  All Candidates MUST be Certified as Power Plate® Trainers.

 Non-REPs Members and Those Seeking NASM Accreditation + CEU Points 

This course is suitable for fitness professional (Level 2 and above) who are already Certified as Power Plate® Trainers, seeking to deepen their education and practical skills when assessing and creating exercise for programmes for the Post Natal woman.  In order to gain certification, candidates need to complete the live day and all assessment components (Core Strength Assessment and an end of course exam).

Pre-Requisites: Who is this Advanced CPD For?

  • Certified Fitness Professionals (In the UK, at with a prior an Ante/Post Natal Qualification if a REPs Members seeking REPs CPD Points)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Ante/Post Natal Birth Educators
  • Nurses
  • Midwives

Ultimately……….advanced passionate professionals who want to go deeper and really improve their service, worth and offerings to the Post Natal client.

Who has accredited this Advanced CPD?

Skills Active in the UK – This CPD has been awarded 8 CPD Points.  Burrell Education is a Licensed Education Provider and NASM in the US has also accredited this course and granted CEU points.

How is this course delivered?  What kit do I need?

You need a computer and internet connection.  The ONLINE course content, totalling 2 Modules is automatically made live within the membership site once payment is made for the course whether in full or via instalments.

Will I be well supported on this course even though it is delivered on-line? 

YES, you will, 100%.  The learning style is hugely supportive and you will be able to access a  Facebook Support Group that will give you directly daily access to your tutor for as long as you need it.

How Do I Secure My Place For The Next Course?

Your first payment, whether in full or by installments, secures your spot!

How Long Can I Access The Course Content On-Line?


 Want to know more?  Watch the video, read the blog and the research/rationale that supports this programme below...

Power Plate®, The Post Baby Client & Her Pelvic Floor Blog

 Whole Body Vibration & Continence Studies

Whole Body Vibration + PF Dysfunction Rationale

Melbourne 2015

Jenny teaching in Melbourne, Australia, Sept 2015.

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