Pregnancy Exercise Stretching v Mobilization & Movement Prep

Pregnancy Exercise – Stretching v Mobilization & Movement Prep


Confession!  I actually HATE stretching when it comes to Pregnancy exercise and working with the Pregnant client! And yes, it's a really strong word to use against something so inoffensive but if we're talking about the version of 'stretching' above.....yes I hate it and lots of our clients do too!

For years we have been educated to do this and consequently done this to our clients knowing that they don't like it and worse still, without noticing much change at all in their mobility, freedom and flexibility, so why do we keep doing it?  In my work with Pregnant clients and teaching Burrell Education Modern Pregnancy Exercise Courses for sure, none of the above is going on AT ALL :-)....This is what we do! (Video Below)

It feels divine, we move and mobilize the body in a rhythmical fashion with a huge respect for the Myofascial Lines, Human Movement Patterns and the movement to come within a session and is directed by the client.  We play around with reach depth, distance and height and introduce a little randomness because THAT'S REALITY!

There are no sets and reps, we just listen for the 'ooohs' and the 'aaahs' and watch as clients 'get back in touch with their bodies'.  If you're not already moving like this, just try these few moves and listen to your body saying 'aaaaahhhhh that's better' then try it on your Pregnancy Exercise client and really watch her say 'ooooohhhhhhh'.  RESULT!

Join me for a whole day of wonderfully Modern Pregnancy Exercise in London.....



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