Is Your Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise Prescription 'Fit For Purpose'?? - VIDEO - Burrell Education

Is Your Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise Prescription ‘Fit For Purpose’?? – VIDEO

They say that 'necessity is the mother of invention' and Burrell Education was very much created from a position of necessity to improve the correlation between how Pregnant and Post Natal women actually move in their daily lives and what was generally passing for 'fit for purpose' exercise short, for a long time in the world of Fitness and Physiotherapy, many Pregnancy and Post Natal classes consisted of sitting women on Swiss Balls, lifting dumbbells that were lighter than their handbags and doing single foot raises as a means of 'challenging their core'.........hmmmm.  And indeed, all over the internet, if you type in Pregnancy or Post Natal Exercise, you'll still find amazing pictures like the one below!

Now, don't get me wrong....birthing balls have a place....I'm not 100% hating on them 😉 but if a Pregnant or Post Natal woman is hiring you to get her and keep her 'functionally' strong (ie., FIT FOR PURPOSE) throughout the squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, bending, rotating and balancing she'll be performing throughout her Trimesters and fully prepared for the Post Natal period as opposed to hiring you for your 'Birth Prep' or Doula services....then 'life' is very much done in the vertical / non-seated position and the last time I looked, women did not have the luxury of bobbing around on birth balls as they made their way through their in 2007, I came up with the concept of MOTHERHOOD MOVEMENT PATTERNS, movement that actually looked like what moms do or would be soon doing as a means of truly training them for their REAL LIFE and helping professionals to create 'fit for purpose' programming.....


If you enjoyed this video, I KNOW you'll enjoy any of the Pregnancy or Post Natal course on offer from Burrell Education.....if you love LIVE courses, you're in luck as we not only have LIVE courses in the UK but in Australia and New Zealand taught by Master Trainer Clare Hozack.....and if you are ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD with an internet connection, you can still join the 'movement' and access either our Advanced Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Global Online Certification or the Advanced Post Natal Functional Training and Core Restore Certification.




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