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Pressure, Pascal’s Law and the Post Natal Core (Video)


Pressure, Pascal's Law and the Post Natal Core......WHAAAAT? I hear you cry....bear with, bear with 🙂

If you have a compromised core - dysfunctional Pelvic Floor or abdominal wall in the case of Diastasis, you need to learn how to manage pressure because when you don't, this leads to incontinence issues, prolapse and a Diastasis that won't heal.  But many Post Natal women dealing with the issues surrounding childbirth aren't aware that for Post Natal Core Restore to occur ALL contributing factors to dysfunction and ALL components of the Core need to be addressed because ultimately PRESSURE IS PRESSURE IS PRESSURE and as it travels through your compromised Core, it's completely indiscriminate and increased pressure will influence ANY area of weakness.  Check out how the water, under the influence of gravity, leaves the bottle from ANY hole available.

Pascal's Law - Short Definition......A change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid at rest is transmitted undiminished to all points in the fluid.  (And although the average client isn't just a vessel of water....we are all 70+% water so I think it's safe to say that the principles of Pascal's Law can be applied to the human form.)

So, having even a tiny Diastasis that still prevents optimal load transfer alongside say, the inability to co-ordinate your breath with activation of TVA and PF (Intrinsic Core Synergy) means that your core is still dysfunctional and there's still healing/connection to be done.  I feel that our biggest role with our clients is to educate that this truly is a HOLISTIC JOB (all elements matter) and that even one element of this synergystic system out of whack, the whole system can be compromised.  So that's why we work on posture, breath, musculoskeltal issues, mind-body connection, nutrition and hydration.......IT ALL MATTERS!  What to do?  What to coach?  EXHALE ON EXERTION, check out this blog with some cools vids.

And the Queen & David Bowie link....none, I just love this song and it was going through my head while writing this blog 🙂

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