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Do You or Your Client's Need Support for Pelvic Girdle Pain, A Growing Pregnancy Bump, Diastasis Healing or C-Section Recovery?

Introducing.....Diane Lee's Baby Belly Belt™

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Almost ½ of all women will experience pain in their low back or pelvic region at some point in their Pregnancy. While there are many causes for this, two common ones are loss of support from the expanding abdomen and laxity of the joints of the pelvis (Sacroiliac Joints and/or Pubic Symphysis) both lead to varying degrees of PELVIC GIRDLE PAIN.


Many maternity belts only support one part of the pelvis; either the front or the back or just generally squeeze the entire pelvic ring (see photo above). The Baby Belly Belt is capable of providing support exactly where YOU need it, for some this is in the front (Pubic Symphysis and low belly) and for others this is in the back (Sacroiliac Joints and low back).  Where you need support can change as your pregnancy advances, in some months you will find you need help at the front and in others at the back of your pelvis.  The innovator of this patented belt, esteemed physiotherapist Diane Lee, has over 35 years of clinical experience working with women before, during and after pregnancy. This unique belt designed for pregnancy and beyond is the outcome of her extensive clinical experience.

How to wear the Baby Belly Belt™

Follow these simple instructions and watch the video to determine exactly where you need support from the Baby Belly Belt. Remember, where you need support can change throughout your pregnancy so come back to the hug & squat test to ensure you are wearing it right.

When to wear the Baby Belly Belt

There are no hard and fast rules for this, it really depends on how much support your belly and pelvis needs.  If you are waking with pain try wearing it when you sleep.  As your pregnancy advances you may find you need to wear it more and more, that’s OK your muscles will not weaken as long as you continue to exercise and do not just ‘hang out’ in the belt.

See the section on the main Baby Belly Belt website titled Essential Exercises for Pregnancy & Beyond to learn how to train your internal maternity belt during and after your pregnancy.

Diane Lee: "I highly recommend wearing your Baby Belly Belt in the first few weeks after your pregnancy until your deep core muscles are functioning well again. How do you know?  The hug & squat test will not feel any different whether you hug yourself or not because you have restored your internal stabilizing belt.If unsure how or when to wear this support, consult with a specialist physiotherapist in your area that specializes in Pregnancy care".

Maria Elliot of Simply Women's Health is the Burrell Education and my (Jenny Burrell) personal Women's Health Physiotherapist based in London.  Maria can be contacted via her website HERE and is available for help with fitting, a Mummy MOT Post Partum Evaluation and many other Women's Health/Pelvic Health issues in the Ante/Post Natal period and beyond.

Should women with Diastasis of the Rectus Abdominis wear an abdominal binder?

diastasis recti pic

The linea alba that is stretched due to pregnancy is not inflamed so binding the abdomen thinking that passively ‘closing the separation’ will make it heal faster does not fit with current science on collagen repair.  Connective tissue such as the linea alba requires loading to heal, not unloading, and most abdominal binders unload the linea alba.

However, an abdominal binder can provide some support for the low back and pelvis by increasing the intra-abdominal pressure. This is different than tensing the linea alba and different than binding for ‘repair’ of the linea alba. In the first 8 weeks after delivery it is a great idea for every woman to bind her abdomen for the support provided by the increase in intra-abdominal pressure and if the binder includes the pelvis like the Baby Belly Belt does then the joints of your pelvis will be supported as well.

Beyond eight weeks, binders should only be used intermittently and are NOT necessary for ‘healing’ or ‘closing’ of the gap in the midline of the abdomen.  The Baby Belly Belt is highly effective for stabilizing the lower abdomen and pelvis in the early postpartum period (8 weeks) but will not support the high lumbar spine or low thorax (chest).  Once again, it depends on where your separation or stretch is the greatest as to what type of postpartum support is best for you.

A full abdominal binder is best for high and middle separations and the Baby Belly Belt may be all you need if your separation is in the low abdomen and pelvis. The Baby Belly Belt will also support your C-Section.  If you are pregnant and have a DRA that extends into your low abdomen, absolutely wear the Baby Belly Belt Baby Belly Belt!

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About the Innovator of the Baby Belly Belt™


Diane Lee, the innovator of The Baby Belly Belt, has a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation (both in physiotherapy and occupational therapy) and is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy. She is certified in dry needling (acupuncture for trigger points) and is a qualified Yoga instructor.  She has authored many academic textbook chapters and books that are used in University curricula and by physiotherapists, massage therapists and movement educators worldwide.  She is well known amongst her peers for her passion in helping moms look, feel and function better before, during and after their pregnancies and teaches courses on this topic worldwide. Her research on diastasis rectus abdominis has been key in shaping her postpartum program. The Baby Belly Belt is patented, as is Diane’s other innovative sacroiliac belt, The Com-Pressor.

Diane is the owner, director and a practicing physiotherapist at Diane Lee & Associates, a private multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinic in South Surrey, BC, Canada.  More information on Diane and her team can be found at Follow her on Facebook at

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During my first pregnancy with my daughter, I developed very debilitating SI Joint pain that started about the 7 month mark of my pregnancy. It almost prevented me from walking. I bought a belly support from a sports shop, but it didn't give my back the compression it needed to be stable because the support straps only pulled to the front making my back pain no better and at times much worse. I stopped wearing it.

During my second pregnancy, I really wanted to avoid the back pain I had with my first pregnancy and that is when I started wearing Diane's Baby Belly Belt. It has a nice contoured pad at the front with a sort of "crumple zone" that made wearing the belt while sitting more comfortable. For me, the best feature of the Baby Belly Belt is the ability to pull the side elastic straps to the back to give the SI joints some support and compression but, the straps also can be pulled to the front if that is where you need it. Having the adaptability to have the support where you want it, makes the belt super versatile as sometimes pain/problems change as time goes on. I could not have survived my second pregnancy without the Baby Belly Belt because second time around, I had another child that still wanted to be picked up and held. I started wearing it preventatively at 6 months to prevent my back form being a source of pain. It is a must for all pregnant women.

--- Noelle

When Diane Lee fitted me with the Baby Belly Belt, the irritation I was having through my pelvis over the pubic symphysis and around my tailbone decreased. I felt like my belly was being gently lifted and my hips gently hugged. Thanks to this Belly Belt I was able to work and exercise comfortably until shortly before my delivery. I feel that the belt gave me the support I would not have been able to generate on my own through my deep core. I was able to end my day feeling great. Thanks Diane!

--- Tamarah

Sizing & Purchasing Your Baby Belly Belt


Price: £97 including Postage & Packaging in the UK ONLY



Skype calls also available if you require extra help with fitting.


Please message me, Jenny Burrell here if you need any further information on the Baby Belly Belt™.  Burrell Education has a wide referral network of specialists in this area throughout the whole UK and further afield who you can be connected with should you require deeper clinical help.


Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Dip SMRT,
Head of Burrell Education - London - UK.