Slightly Wierd & Wonderful Books I’m Reading At The Moment :-)

Not so weird actually as all are about movement.......

First up, my hero Erik Franklin, read anything this man has written,  it's all wonderful!  I swear I am a frustrated dancer :-).  Wonderful diagrams, visualizations and language that to me, really get to the heart of movement - 'motion is lotion' - physically and psychologically!


Now, this next book is available on Amazon at the moment for the princely sum of 5 English pence!  Do not let the price fool you!  Written in 2003, and totally full of knowledge bombs - it's title is 'Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults' - basically all about HIIT training and carbohydrate manipulation.  Really, really good stuff.



Next up - this!  Every Wednesday and sometimes Friday night  like clockwork for the last couple of months I've been committed to a practice in my tutors home with 1 or 2 other ladies and finally I've found someone and somewhere that has made this type of  'movement' click for me.  Classes are just not my style and I've suddenly realized that how you are taught yoga and by whom REALLY MATTERS!  To be quite honest, I'm not interested in the technicalities AT ALL, it's very much a time for BEING not DOING.  Being a student, not the teacher, being stiff and not brilliant at it but seeing a little progress every week.  Most importantly, it makes me feel good and I have a little nap at the end and always want to go back, nuff said.  But did just want to get an idea of why some poses make me feel 'funny' and what they could be stimulating.  I like this book.   Namaste 🙂


Last but not least....Earthing!  Synopsis - at the very least, you need to plant you feed on Gods green earth for 20 mins a day to reconnect, balance, remember you are a human etc., lovely, gets a bit technical but the takehome is  CONNECTING WITH NATURE IS KING!  But we knew that already :-).

I hope my mini-selection inspires your next 1-Click!

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