Join Jenny Burrell for this wonderfully nurturing 2-Day HOMAGE to the art-form that is Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage and Remedial Therapy

Right from the beginning of my soft tissue therapy journey I’ve been slightly obsessed with the working with the Perinatal client. I was encouraged to create this education by being a fully-booked practitioner whose clients always commented how challenging it was to find a both ‘nurturing and discomfort relieving massage’. The nurturing, supportive and intuitive element of this work continues to be the most rewarding aspect of my teaching and working life.

And in this COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION, I bring together the best of Massage and Remedial Therapy techniques plus use of tools such as Silicone Cupping and Instrument Assisted Massage and Kineseotaping specially modified for the Perinatal client to both support, nurture and improve your clients’ comfort throughout the Trimesters and way into the Post Birth period.

I’m positive that whether you are updating your current skills or at the begin of your journey this education will quite literally light a fire under your passion, skillset and capacity to serve deeply and get better outcomes for your clients.

If you are a certified Massage Therapist or Physiotherapist wanting to extend your offerings to help the Pregnant / Post Natal client or a fitness/movement professional with Pregnant/Post Natal clients and a massage qualification, this weekend CPD course will give you a ready-to-go, entire skill-set to help you create a stand-out service that will keep clients coming back time-after-time and keep them referring for you.

Your Investment…

1 payment @£597

Up to 12 Monthly Instalment Payments Available

9.30am – 5pm (UK Time) both days

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Pre-Learning Content

  • Pregnancy System Changes (Respiratory, Cardiovascular etc.,) video presentation with Midwife Educator Louise Hartin
  • Common Ailments in Pregnancy into the Post Natal Period video presentation with Midwife Educator Louise Hartin
  • Contraindications to Therapy and how to refer your clients onto Health Care Providers who can help them.
  • Fascia Science, The Myofascial System, Thomas Myers’ Myofascial Lines and Biotensegrity Theory during Pregnancy.
  • Pre-Screening the Pregnant Soft Tissue Therapy Client Video Presentation + Handouts
  • A Trimester by Trimester Journey Through the UK Health Care System – video interview Community Midwife Nina Parnham – P@ndemic Update
  • ‘When to Call The Midwife During Pregnancy and the Post Natal Period – video interview Community Midwife Nina Parnham – P@ndemic Update
  • Links to Full Obstetric and Gynaecology Guidelines and Resources for the UK

Course Contents LIVE

  • Fully illustrated hard-copy manual.
  • How to assess the myofascial/musculoskeletal changes that occur during Pregnancy and remain into the post birth period
  • How to position, support and massage the Perinatal client – elevated supine, side-lying supported by bolsters.
  • How to use a sheet for ‘draping’ the Perinatal client for better temperature control and coverage instead of towels.
  • How to modify the traditional massage strokes, when the client is in the side-lying position and without working in the prone position.
  • Learning and Adapting Soft Tissue Release (STR) skills (Shorten, Lock, Stretch) for the Perinatal client
  • Adapting appropriate Contract/Relax Methods for use in the Natal period.  You’ll be introduced you to the concept of ‘1 second PIR’.
  • Adapting the use of Silicone Cupping for the Perinatal Client
  • Adapting the use of Instrument Assisted Massage for the Perinatal Client
  • Appropriate massage mediums during the Perinatal period.
  • How to create a ‘stand-out’ welcoming and nurturing treatment and environment for your clients.
  • How to offer a polished, second-to-none STAND-OUT service – EVERYTIME!
  • Top 10 Soft Tissue ‘Fixes’ for the Perinatal Client  – Piriformis Pain, Anterior Knee Pain, Jaw Pain, ITB Pain/Restriction, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Upper Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, DeQuervain’s Syndrome and Foot Pain.

Post Course Content

  • ETERNAL ACCESS to beautiful video recordings of ALL the strategies and techniques used over the weekend including assessment and screening strategies.
  • **NEW** LIVE STREAM RECORDINGS FROM Diastasis Rehab for the Soft Tissue Therapist education!
  • PDF Downloads of client screening forms for both the Pregnant and the Post Natal client.
  • How to perform a static and dynamic Alignment Assessment including key palpation points for the Natal client – instructional video.
  • Your education will include a bonus module on Optimal Nutrition for Healing in the Post Natal period (1 hour pre-recorded lecture) which you’ll access in full in the post-course content.
  • **BUSINESS CONTENT**How to Attract, Retain and Gain Referrals by Creating Your Signature Offering – A Step By Step Guide.

Course Pre-Requisites & Accreditation

  • You must already be a fully certified Massage Therapist or Physio Therapist with hands-on skills and this is a CPD where you are advancing on from basic massage skills.
  • This CPD has been fully accredited by the Sports Therapy Association, Thinktree, NASM + CIMSPA.
  • The total GLH (guided learning hours) for this course is 35 hours.

2024 Update – During 2024 this course will be led by Jenny Burrell for the Pre and Post Course Content and the Live 2 Days will be led by former Assistant Tutors, now Lead Tutors Kate Smart and Ellie Lucas-Smith .  Both Kate and Ellie are graduates of this course and have assisted Jenny for close to half a decade bringing their real-world experience and extensive skills and knowledge to the classroom.  They both run hugely successful practices, serving women and transforming lives on a daily basis.  Trusted and deeply admired by Jenny, you really couldn’t be in better hands for this LIVE element of this education. 

Kate Smart

Ellie Lucas-Smith

Ellie Lucas-Smith
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BONUS CONTENT! – This is a 2 Certification Course and includes ‘access on purchase’ to the full ONLINE Certification: Kineseotaping for the Pregnant and Post Birth Client Worth £397.

Your Investment…

1 payment @£597

Up to 12 Monthly Instalment Payments Available

Please join the wait list to be informed of  our next enrollment dates