Shhhh! Mindfulness Meditation Tracks – Instant Download

CDDo you want to incorporate Meditation into your life and your work with clients?  But think it's really difficult or you'll have to take lengthy course?  Here's a really, really simple way to start!My biggest dream is that everyone BUSY WOMAN (and that includes me) accesses the power of Meditation in their daily lives.It's just one of THE MOST POWERFUL ways to take a deep nourishing break, replenish energy and reconnect to our deepest dreams and wishes .These recordings are all 15 mins long and without doubt introducing 15 mins of 'stillness' to your day will have a transformational effect.

So, JOIN THE REVOLUTION!  You can START TODAY!  After you make your purchase, you'll be directed to an immediate download page, save to your computer and away you and the BONUS is that you can also help your clients get started on their Meditation journey by sharing the recordings with them also*.My biggest goal is to get EVERY BUSY WOMAN, clients, friends and family to truly understand and experience a Meditation practise that isn’t difficult and totally doable and for all of us to realize that even 10 minutes of quiet time a day can reap the most amazing benefits.It’s possibly one of the most powerful gifts we can give ourselves in our daily lives.  Ultimately, Meditation isn’t a luxury item, in this busy world, it’s a necessity.  Enjoy!

Instant Download of 2 x 15 Minute Simple Meditation Tracks + Bonus Instrumental Track


Track 1:  Meditation on the Breath

Track 2:  Body Scan Meditation

Instructions on how to download will be automatically triggered & sent to you via emailed to you after you have made your purchase. Thankyou.