Still Planking During Pregnancy Exercise? Try These…. (Video)


Are you still performing planks as part of your Pregnancy exercise programme with clients?  A few thoughts....

What are your aims?  To maintain 'connection' to the muscles/connective tissues of the Abdominal Wall?  To maintain movement integration with Myofascial Front Lines?  To keep the functional PUSH pattern in your programme?  If it's YES to all of the previous........try these (below) instead and remember to cue the client to EXHALE ON EXERTION! ie., as she pushes away/the hardest part of the exercise.....then ask her how challenging these moves are.  She'll probably say "pretty effective" but most importantly doable and appropriate for where she is on her pregnancy fitness journey.....remember she's lifting her increased bodyweight against gravity - that's a big deal especially after the half-way mark for most. If you want to increase effort play around with reps/time under tension.

And a little thought about increasing pressure against an already stretched abdominal wall during Pregnancy....this is probably in the catergory of MOVING AWAY FROM HELPFUL ACTIVITY especially when considering the potential for increasing Diastasis during Pregnancy and healing Diastasis in the Post Natal period.

Remember, the age-old principles of hypertrophy and maintaining muscle strength still apply for the abdominal wall even in Pregnancy Exercise although under some move the origins away from the insertions to LOAD (eccentric phase) and then bring them back together to UNLOAD (concentric phase) and tie this to the breath.  If we follow this simple rationale, we open the door to 100,000's of potential core strength exercises...



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