Superstar Student! - Andrea Riddoch - 3rd Age Woman On-Line Global Certification - Burrell Education

Superstar Student! – Andrea Riddoch – 3rd Age Woman On-Line Global Certification







Introducing Andrea Riddoch! - Abfabfitness & Kickstart Fatloss Leeds


I chose Andrea as our Superstar Student this week because her presence in the 'virtual classroom' was always positive and really inquisitive and she truly walked the talk by implementing changes to her own wellness strategies as well as implementing new strategies into her female-facing offerings.  Andrea completed the 3rd Age Woman On-Line Certification in late May and truly used the course content to add wisdom and value to the lives of her female, mid-life clients to really help them make sense of their changing needs during this life-phase.  The information within the certification can be used to create a stand-alone, new offering or indeed, to simply help you to help your female clients on a deeper level and answer their every growing list of queries as they pass through the Perimenopause into Menopause and beyond.  Thankyou Andrea for your light and energy - from Jessica Drummond and Michelle Lyons too!  It's been a pleasure to have you in class.


Course Attended?  3rd Age Woman on-Line Global Certification

Who do you serve/what are your current offerings? HIIT, Body Conditioning, Boogiefit (simple dance-based fitness similar to Zumba), Kick Start Fat Loss Live and Online Courses, Boxfit

How have you used your education to create offerings in your business and monetise your education and further serve your female clients?  Offering as add on to my KSFL programmes as a bespoke nutrition and exercise plan.  Future- hope to set up seminar and possibly 6 week live and online programmes.

What were the highlights of your course? Loved the way it was presented via online modules so could study at own pace and all the slides, research etc was to hand when needed. Also loved the support via facebook group.  Jenny and the other tutors presented a mass of information in a way that was easy for my perimenopausal brain to take in and digest.  Support was always to hand as and when needed and we were encouraged to work at our own pace which suited me perfectly.  Burrell Education are clearly leaders in womens health and wellness and the knowledge they impart to their students is interesting, current and fascinating and invaluable.

If you're serving mid-life women and need answers to their questions.....if you'd love to create something that truly serves the needs of these women as they pass through the Peri to Post Menopause years or indeed, if you'd just like answers for yourself as a fitness and wellness professional....YOU WILL LOVE THIS COURSE.  Find out more here......



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