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Superstar Student! – Kate Smart – Kate Smart Fitness



Sometimes people come into your business world and overtime they become trusted colleagues and a friend - introducing my trusted colleague and friend Kate Smart who's doing wonderful work in the world of Women's Fitness and Wellness in West London and soon to be GLOBALLY with her new online programmes.  Kate will blush when she reads this but for me, she is truly a STANDOUT professional who is consistently raising her own bar, going deeper and going the extra mile for both her clients and with her own personal and professional development.  Her client-base is loyal, large and long-standing, she gets CRAZY RESULTS for her core restoration and Diastasis clients and overall is - as her logo says - helping moms regain their mojo for real.  The feedack that she received for her work as a Holistic Core Restore® Coach is TRULY AMAZING and if you need a template for 'how to be a beyond Ante/Post Natal Fitness Specialist'.....Kate really is it.  I'm honoured to have her on the Holistic Core Restore® team and I'm deeply honoured to call her a treasured friend too.

Who Do You Serve/What Are Your Offerings?

I look after women at all stages from Pregnancy and Post Natal through to (and beyond) the Peri-Menopause. Currently I teach in groups and 1:1 a combination of bespoke sessions, the Holistic Core Restore® programmes, Buggyfit and high intensity interval classes that are appropriate for women after they've had children.

Which Burrell Education Course(s) have you attended?

Modern Pregnancy Exercise - Live CPD

Modern Postnatal Exercise - Live CPD

3rd Age Perimenopause and Beyond Certification

Optimum Nutrition and Lifestyle for Postnatal Recovery Certification

Working with the Postnatal Client Outdoors Live CPD

Holistic Core Restore® Licensee

How have you used your education to create offerings in your business and monetize your education?

The Holistic Core Restore packages that I offer, account for a significant percentage of my income.  I include loads of the education from the other courses in all of my classes and sessions with clients and going forward, I will be creating online programmes for both the 3rd Age and Post Natal client which I am really excited about.  These are now nearly ready for launch.

How has Burrell Education differed from your previous Ante/Post Natal and Women's Wellness education?

Burrell Education has gone far deeper into specific areas than any education I have had before. Jenny has great links with other experts to add dimensions to her courses that you can't get anywhere else, for example Women's Health physiotherapy and Integrative Health and Nutrition. Significantly, the ongoing support you get through social media groups following courses that I've attended both live and online has added incredible value to the education.

Money spent with Burrell Education is ALWAYS money well invested in one's business. Every course I have attended through Burrell Education has offered forward thinking, deeply researched information that is ready to be used with my existing clients straight away. Alongside this, there is a fabulous sense of community amongst other delegates both during and after the courses which I think has been a long time coming in this industry. I am one happy customer of Burrell Education and can't wait for the next offering!

Check out Kate's site and see the great work she is doing in the world 🙂

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  1. Anne Nicholas April 7, 2016 at 7:18 am #

    I am a very proud Mum, thank you foe your amazing and flattering comments about my wonderful daughter Kate

    • jenny April 7, 2016 at 9:50 am #

      Ohhh, all words are true Anne. Thankyou for taking the time to comment. X

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