Superstar Student! – Lisa Gimenez Codd - Optimal Nutrition For Post Natal Recovery, 3rd Age & Advanced Post Natal - Burrell Education

Superstar Student! – Lisa Gimenez Codd – Optimal Nutrition For Post Natal Recovery, 3rd Age & Advanced Post Natal



I've got a LOT of time this young lady!  As always, we met on-line and from the start, she demonstrated her passion and deep insight into the world of Women's Wellness with every post and comment within the groups that we're both members.  Lisa Gimenz-Codd of Optimum Health has a wonderful, multi-platform business serving mainly women and moms.  Her talents go beyond offering fitness, Pilates and Yoga solutions by extending into the world of coaching and nutrition and delivering, truly holistic, whole-woman offerings whether working face-to-face or on-line with her clients.  Lisa later joined the Optimal Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery and Healing On-Line Cert, the 3rd Age Woman On-Line Cert, attended the Woman on Fire Summit and has now enrolled on the Advanced Post Natal On-Line Cert....she likes to study I think :-).

I love the way that by the power of Facebook, I can virtually see adding to and polishing her portfolio of offerings after every course she does.  It's truly inspirational to observe her constant attention to detail and striving to 'go deeper' with her ladies.  They really are lucky to have her in their corner.  I asked Lisa to describe her business and how she's used her Burrell Education courses......

1.  Who do you serve/what are your offerings?

Pre-natal and post-natal personal training
Managing menopause coaching
Both of the above are available face-to-face
I also offer online coaching, looking at lifestyle coaching (life laundry), nutrition & training.
In addition to coaching, I run Pilates classes and semi-private Pilates groups; Body & Mind Transformation courses and Corientation classes (a fusion of Pilates, bodyweight exercises & yoga)

2.  Which Burrell Education courses have you attended/taken on-line?

Optimal Nutrition for Post-Natal Recovery
3rd Age Woman Certification
Woman on Fire conference 2015
Also just starting Advanced Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming

3.  How have you used your education to create offerings in your business and monetize your education?

Semi-private post-natal recovery courses (sold out without advertising)
Planning a Managing Menopause course for Q4The next course will enhance the post-natal course offering and extend that course too.

4.  How has Burrell Education differed from your previous education?

It's complete!
Other courses offer content and it's up to you how in depth you understand it, how you use it....or even if you use it.With Burrell Education courses you get a sense of community, total support throughout and are positively encouraged to get a return on your investment.

Burrell Education has transformed my approach to business and made it a Business! Not only am I assured of great educational content that will increase my knowledge and understanding, but Jenny's courses leave you 100% confident in applying that knowledge to the benefit of your business.What's more, the total support you receive via Facebook groups and emails means you have a portal of support, advice and encouragement not only on the subject matter, but managing & promoting it through your business.

The Woman on Fire conference was a revelation - if Carlsberg ran courses this is what they would be like!!!! The food & drink provided throughout the conference totally complemented the purpose of the course and kept us concentrating and alert throughout. The follow-up in the month after the course was just would've been so easy to walk away feeling fired up but then become embroiled in normal everydayness and relegate the notes to a file somewhere - no chance of that at all with Burrell Education!

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending any of Burrell Education courses as the quality in content and delivery surpasses all the other courses I have done to-date.

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If you're a busy mom and would love some whole-hearted support for your wellness journey or another fit pro looking for inspiration for your practise, you can find Lisa HERE!



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