Superstar Student! – Sarah Parker – Advanced Pregnancy Exercise On-Line + Metabolic Mommy Member - Burrell Education

Superstar Student! – Sarah Parker – Advanced Pregnancy Exercise On-Line + Metabolic Mommy Member



Introducing the wonderful Sarah Parker of Sarah Parker Fitness!  This young lady has been a fixture in both the live and on-line world of Burrell Education for nearly as long as it's been in existence.  And for this I am sincerely grateful!  Like so many of you, she's out in her local community serving and touching the lives of women throughout their life phases daily and has a great and long-established business full of loyal and happy customers.

Who do you serve?  What are your offerings?

Sarah teaches community fitness classes and has a wide range of women attending these - from students to OAPs.  But her specialism lies in the world on Ante to Post Natal group fitness exercise, Pilates and running her buggy/mom's outdoor classes.

Which Burrell Education courses have you attended?

Advanced Pregnancy Exercise and Birth Preparation On-Line & Metabolic Mommy Member plus live events.

How have you used your eduction to create offerings in your business and monetise your education?

At the moment I haven't set up anything new. However I do feel the course has given me a lot more confidence in my abilities and also new ideas to include in my classes. This is obviously showing up in my teaching as my classes are now full and consistently so! I do have a couple of business ideas simmering on the back burner as well......

How has Burrell Education differed from your previous education and

The depth of the teaching was amazing - little overwhelming at times with the amount to get through, but when taken at your own pace it is all manageable and invaluable. My feelings about the standard education is that it is all about what you shouldn't do when pregnant. This course not only questions those teachings but also gives an abundance of things you CAN do, not only to maintain the mums health and fitness but also to aid with the birthing process. I really valued the birth stuff especially. Also there was a lot more info on issues of pregnancy, so you're more prepared for any instances that come up in class. Also the ongoing support through the Facebook page is so useful.

I've been a part of Burrell Education for a number of years, as a Metabolic Mommy Member, online student and have also attended conference. Before this I had a standard education, light on the Post Natal info as we always ran out of time. Through my time with Burrell Education my Pregnancy and Post Natal knowledge has deepened and widened to include other aspects such as nutrition, hormonal balance and business. I've more confidence in my abilities and more direction for my business. Instead of just going with the flow I now feel in control of where I am going and what I want to do and have the tools to back me up. I am able to serve my clients better.

For a little inspiration check out Sarah's site and see the great work she's doing in the world :-). (Just click her logo)

Thankyou as always for your support Sarah.  Wishing your business keeps growing and moving from strength to strength!


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