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Superstar Student! – Sarahjane West-Watson – Advanced Post Natal + Advanced Pregnancy On Line Global Certifications


Introducing Sarahjane West-Watson a brilliant Physiotherapist and Women's Health and Wellbeing mentor to the lucky women of Cheshire!  Sarah's been a loyal fixture on many of the online and live offerings from Burrell Education and has created a business serving moms that bridges the gap between her Physiotherapy education/practise and serving the full circle of the needs of the moms she supports all the way from Pregnancy to an active, strong and fit Post Natal period.  She's a budding business maven too and truly 'gets' that getting yourself out there and letting women truly know how you can help them MATTERS and needs to focused on too!  I've loved having her in our virtual classroom!  She has a great 'sharing' spirit and has created a business that truly goes the extra mile.  Awesome work Sarahjane!


Who Do You Serve/What Are Your Offerings?

Whole body restoration for women in Cheshire! But particularly pregnant ladies, new mums and every mum who has a weak core / pelvic floor or just wants to do something about their bod/ posture and general fitness.

I offer soft tissue release, core strengthening, personal training and relaxation on a one to one basis, in peoples homes.

Which Burrell Education Course(s) have you attended?

Advanced Post Natal On Line Global Certification

Advanced Pregnancy On Line Global Certification

Women on Fire Weekend 

How have you used your education to create offerings in your business that you love and monetize your education?

Ultimately I've tried to use the education to absolutely differentiate my offering as a fit pro.  Soft tissue assessment & release has become a standard core compement for every new clients intial session (and thereafter as appropriate).

Adopted a 'Less is More' approach, in terms of exercise intensity. Shifted to focus on higher quality and more control in every exercise and stretch performed. The result is more carry-over of skills, much quicker gains in core strength and improvement in PF issues.

Its ultimately really helped to shape my approach and my business. I feel connected to an amazing group of experts who are driving this womens health movement and feel honoured and inspired to be a part of it!

How has Burrell Education differed from your previous education?

It provided a key elements that typical fit pro and physio training misses. It fills a gap with education and practical 'so this is what to do about it' information that is often missing from other courses ie., Burrell Education enables you to know the theory AND how to apply it.

It also connects you to a network of amazingly inspirational and knowledgeable game changers in the world of womens health.

Undoubtably the best investment in my education and business I could have made. Burrell Education is not just about providing courses, it provides a connection into a global community of lifelong learning and knowledge sharing across a plethora of health and fitness professionals.

Jenny Burrell is an inspiring educator, with a sharp head for business. You can't help but feel inspired and motivated to do things differently!

Check out Sarahjane's  site and see the great work she is doing in the world 🙂

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