Supportive Nutrition and Lifestyle for Soft Tissue Trauma Recovery

In the world of Soft Tissue Therapies, there seems to be one very poorly underserved area.....'Supportive Nutrition and Lifestyle for Soft Tissue Trauma Recovery'.  When we consider that every client that a Soft Tissue Therapist will be presenting for help after some kind of soft tissue trauma and the building blocks to their recovery are reliant on their nutritional intake, it's actually within the scope of a therapists 'wellness' advise to complete the circle of care for the client in advising on nutritional choices that will either support or retard healing and a deep recovery from injury.

This education isn't about Soft Tissue Therapists masquerading as Nutritionists, it's about knowing how the bodies we work on actually heal and recovery from injury.  This education is about the Soft Tissue Therapist understand the basic Macro and Micro Nutrients and lifestyle choices of RECOVERY and being able to guide the client as to 'better' choices to support their therapy.

If you're a Soft Tissue Therapist and you'd like to better serve your clients by helping them make better nutrition choices to support their time with you.....this course is an excellent choice.

Course Content

  1. The Anatomy and Physiology of Soft Tissue Trauma and Wound Healing
  2. The Essential Macro and Micro Nutrients Involved in Wound Healing
  3. Natural Food Sources of 'Recovery' Macro and Micro Nutrients
  4. Simple Coaching Strategies To Support Client Change and Adherence
  5. Done-For-You 'Eat to Recover' Recipes Colour PDF Download - Healing Foods and Recipes Made Simple

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This course is Complimentary To Those Attending The Pregnancy + Post Natal Soft Tissue Therapy CPD and the C-Section and Hysterectomy Scar Immersion (from Jan 2019).


Your Tutor: Jenny Burrell

Jenny's HeadshotJenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Dip SMRTWHNC, is the founder of Burrell Education, the UK's leading-edge education provider for modern Pregnancy, Post Baby, 3rd Age (Peri-Menopause) and Massage/Bodywork Therapy.  Jenny's original degree was in the Food Biochemistry and Microbiology of Food before entering the world of Women's fitness, wellness and soft tissue therapy.  Jenny is a graduate of  Jessica Drummond's, Womens Health and Nutrition Coaching Certificate with the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute.

Burrell Education is the UK’s ONLY REPs Endorsed Licensed Education Provider dedicated SOLEY to education for women during these very special life phases.   With over two decades spent working with both women and wellness professionals, Jenny has enjoyed partnerships with industry giants such as Virgin Active, Premier Training International, NLSSM,  FitPro and Powerplate.   Jenny is also the creator of the Holistic Core Restore® Programme a unique Licensed Pelvic Floor, Optimal Nutrition and Core Restoration programme with Licensees both within and outside of the UK.  Burrell Education is dedicated to elevated the 'art and soul of serving women' to it's highest level.....#justaimforexcellent!