The Ante to Post Natal Client Life Cycle – Your Ultimate Business Template

The Ante to Post Natal Client Life Cycle

So, I was teaching a workshop last week and drew the diagram above to illustrate a point regarding the Ante to Post Natal client.  It was received with a lot of ooooohsss and aaaaahhsss and suddenly I  had the thought that although the above diagram is TOTALLY apparent to me, it obviously was a light-bulb moment for others so this blog is all about HOW TO SUCCESSFUL APPLY YOUR FULL SKILL KITBAG TO THE NEEDS OF ANTE-POST NATAL CLIENT so that you are TRULY serving her needs from conception to 'back to work'.  Bascially, the more phases of the Client Life Cycle that you can play a part in....guess what?  The more your value to the client and your earning capacity increases.  Here goes....

1.  So the easy bit is generally the 1st Trimester to 2nd Trimester - for most women, the beginning of the 20's starts to mark the changes in mobility, size and weight that slow her down in the gym.  Obviously, from the start, your exercise prescription has been tailored to the Pregnant client, but at this point, some work will start to become uncomfortable....TIME TO AMEND THE PROGRAMMING and show your worth/skill set.  Aches and pains usually start here too and how brilliant would it be for you to simply deal with many of these soft tissue niggles yourself! Here are some modern, functional and integrated ideas.....

2.  For sure, during the 3rd Trimester your mom will need some kind of soft-tissue release work as the changes in Biomechanics and changes in centre of Mass, really start to take hold and she ends up with 'locked long and locked short' tissues.  Ouch!  I, personally have always stopped training with moms at 36 weeks and swapped to massage/remedial therapy simply because - SHE NEEDS AND WANTS IT and to be honest, most women are just knackered and dying for a little daytime napping and niceness.

3.  The immediate Post Birth period is  a KEY TIME for some Post Natal Remedial Therapy.  This is an area that has been BEYOND NEGLECTED.  Who in the world could do with a massage more than a new mom I ask you?  If you don't have the skills to help your client with this area of her recovery, are you aligned with a therapist who does, there's huge potential for developing a reciprocal referral arrangment here 100%!

4.  Early Post Natal/Return to Exercise/Maternity Leave - When women finally regain some command of their lives, their thoughts then turn to PELVIC FLOOR, THEIR BELLY (DIASTASIS), C-SECTION RECOVERY ISSUES AND FATLOSS.  You need a results-based system if you are to capture their attention by simply providing a RESULTS-BASED, TIME BOUND answer to their problems.  This is a must!  Business Skills 101 - Who's the client, what are the problems, what solution can you provide for the problem? Done!

5.  Finally, this is a key area where most specialist trainers HAVE NO CONTINGENCY - how to still serve their happy mom clients once they are back at work!  Evening and weekends of course!  Have you prepared for their eventual return to work within your business offerings because...they will leave! but it's NOT because they're not happy, they just need to get back to work.

So, nail all these areas PLUS DEVELOP A SLICK PRE-SCREENING SYSTEM (you can download one here) for both Ante & Post Natal that TOTALLY showcases your solutions to the clients' problems and VOILA! You have bullet-proofed your business.  If you don't nail these areas and you have a bit of a leaky business boat! 🙁 and your business is running way under potential.

Again, even if you don't have all the skills could easily become a referral partner for someone who does have those skills and still build a tight 'team' around your practise.

But.............if you have a Massage Certification that your currently use or haven't used for some time and you are working with women, I think you should take a look at this wonderful Pregnancy Massage and Post Natal Recovery certification I'm running in March at North London School of Sport Massage (NLSSM).  I think you'll love it just as much as previous candidates.....Find out more here...........


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This education also includes my ground-breaking 'Burrell Method for Holistic C-Section Recovery' which includes my unique strategies for releasing restrictive C-Section scars, no matter hold old they are.  PRICELESS!  If you love bodywork....I do hope to see you soon!



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