Nicki Thompson – Working Outdoors Lead Tutor

I'm soooo proud to announce the new member of the Burrell Education Team!


Nicola Thompson - Lead Tutor - Working Outdoors


Nicki Thompson is a Post Natal Fitness Specialist who alongside one-to-one training runs Fitmums outdoor buggy classes for new mums in her locality.  She is also a running group leader and as a keen runner herself spends a great deal of time training in the great outdoors.  Nicki loves training with Post Natal clients and finds it a hugely rewarding experience to see new mums regain their confidence, fitness and strength whilst also building a empathetic community of new mothers who offer each other real support in what can be a challenging life phase.  Nicki is a mother to Isabelle aged 6 and Amelie aged 4.

Jenny says:  Nicki is the co-author and will team teach the new BE module 'Working Outdoors with the Pregnant & Post Natal Client'.

In all honesty, I didn't even have to think twice when I was looking for someone passionate about outdoor work with moms to help create and teach this module.  Nicki truly walks the talk.  She is outdoors with her moms come rain, hail or shine and is an awesome ambassador for creating a winning service with a super loyal following.  When you take this module, you will instantly see why Nicki is at the top of her game for this area of Pre/Post Natal Fitness.  Her approach is fresh, modern and inspiring but always grounded in the reality of life for a modern mom.  I'm so happy to be finally working alongside Nicki, and you'll love her too.