The Burrell Method For Holistic Diastasis Healing & C-Section Recovery


If you are serving the Pregnancy to Post Natal client population, these two focused systems for Diastasis Healing and C-Section Recovery are a MUST for your business!

Alongside fat loss and restoring post birth Pelvic Floor synergy and function,  the successful healing of a Diastasis post birth and relief from restriction following a C-Section birth and suitable exercise programming for both are top of the list for most women.  Both modules are truly holistic and the client-facing system, bespoke to each individual woman and created after a hands-on consultation (you will be trained in the methodology that the clients below discuss).

These two systems simply bring huge 'meaning' to what we do as wellness professionals working with this client population and will at last enable you to complete the circle of care and deliver a real results-based programme that guarantees client SUCCESS!

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Both Systems are part of the FooFooFunClub Licensed Ambassador Package - See More HERE