How High Can You Fly?

Most of us at this point of the year are gearing up to complete our tax returns.  Don't groan 🙂  Personally, I love the tallying up, seeing where I did good and where I need to improve.  Facts are powerful and maybe I'm weird but the more pain I feel, the higher my motivation to avoid feeling that pain again.

Basically, these days, I tend NEVER to repeat anything that doesn't take me forward because I 'face the pain' - kick my own ass and ensure that I get the message.  Anyhow, less of my self-flagelation point is.......over the next few weeks, take a look at your business and if you KNOW you've got work to do to REALLY make this into a business that you LOVE - not a hobby that drains you and still doesn't make you the living that meets your needs or gives you a strong sense of fulfillment - THIS YEAR, JUST DO IT!  Do whatever it takes to get to a position where you are totally and powerfully EXCITED by your daily activities...YES, THIS IS AND CAN BE A REALITY!

If you are working with Pregnant or Post Natal women, you are, on a daily basis, in front to one of the most focused-on-their-health groups EVER!  They have specific problems that you can help them with from massage to mommy-meditation......freeing painful C-Section scars to getting them off the sugar train........Pelvic Floors to poochy tummies.........functional exercise to fascial fitness......they are all ears with time on their hands.

Doing EXERCISE with women so they can lose the 'baby-weight' is totally 'BORE-OFF', they can buy a DVD for that and anyway, there are a million fitpro's out there doing YUMMY MUMMY classes - whatever!   But guess what?  If you did a little deeper you will see that many of your female clients have bigger fish to fry in terms of Pelvic Health, Core Restore, Hormonal Balance and just getting back to feeling human again!

How about if in 2014, you ripped down your current business and started again!?  Gave yourself the gift of re-creating your business in JUST THE WAY YOU WANT.  Take the awesome stuff from what you have now and DELETE everything that you know just isn't working? - You CAN  and YOU'RE ALLOWED!

How about if in 2014, your business was focused solely on SOLVING YOUR CLIENTS' PROBLEMS in hugely empathetic, creative and results-driven way, as opposed to following a model that most people follow but aren't all that successful at.  REMEMBER, just because everyone's doing it, doesn't mean it's right OR THE ONLY WAY!

How about if in 2014, you upped your gamed in terms of your education and finally nailed the skills that will ensure you can go deeper than just prescribing EXERCISE?

How about if in 2014, you created a work scenario for yourself where you spend less time at the coal-face and, earned more for your talents AND got your clients the results that fuel your referral machine?

How about if in 2014, you forget doing what the majority are doing and you go the extra mile and stretch yourself......I promise you, the rewards are more valuable than just the financial ones....YOU'LL CHANGE LIVES, SOLVE PROBLEMS and become one of those annoying people who 'just LOVE their work' :-).

Come and join me and a host of wonderful presenters at The Pregnancy/Post Natal Women's Wellness Weekend Summit on 1st & 2nd March 2014 and let's do something brave and wonderful together!

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