The Burrell Education Level 3 Sports Massage Foundation Certification

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Burrell Education (Level 3) Sports Massage Foundation Certification - THE most progressive Level 3 Sports Massage Certification in the UK!

What Makes this Level 3 Certification 'Stand-Out'? + Why Study With Burrell Education?

When Danielle, Pentony and Jenny first discussed creating a Foundation Massage Certification they took it as a long-awaited opportunity to create something that would truly revolutionize how this entry level certification had previously been taught. Their sincerest intention has been to create the certification that they wished they had taken at the beginning of their Soft Tissue Therapy journeys and something that would be very much a standout offering in the Sports Massage marketplace.

As the world of fitness, movement, wellness and Physiotherapy all progress to encompass a truly HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE, we're all seeing more and more professionals who want to add the healing and pain-resolving power of 'touch' to their toolkit. But for many both the time and financial investment of a course lasting between 12-18 months has been prohibitive so we decided to make this Level 3 course more compelling and comprehensive and increase its scope to go beyond the focus on general massage but thanks to the power of online learning can do so without increasing the number of live days.

So yes, we cover the contents of a traditional Level 3 Sports Massage Certification but then, we add our secret sauce and take you through a broader range of both theoretical subjects and hands-on strategies that are usually reserved for higher level courses.

These include:

  • An introduction to biomechanics and postural screening,
  • Pain science,
  • Gait & the foot,
  • The fascial system,
  • How to incorporate time-efficient strategies such as Post Isometric Relaxation, Soft Tissue Releases,
  • Home-care strategies to help you achieve long term results for your clients.


We also include something that is consistently neglected from most Soft Tissue Therapy courses in any depth..........MARKETING! Quite simply, without the capacity to reach people that so desperately need your help, all your had work gaining certification will be lost so it's important to also focus on GETTING YOU OUT THERE and sharing your talents with your local community.

So as well as bringing you right up-to-date on key topics such as pain science and massage physiology, the certification will also cover latest research on both foundation and emerging techniques so that as you embark on the beginning of your Soft Tissue Therapy career, you are already ahead of the field and other students who have studied elsewhere at the same level.

Trust us with your education and you will not be disappointed. Burrell Education has been providing cutting edge fitness, health and therapy education for over ten years in the UK and now globally and our new Level 3 Sports Massage Foundation Certification looks to re-write the rules for those taking their first steps as a Massage Therapist. You'll achieve a deeper and wider qualification in a shorter than traditional time-frame but WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON QUALITY and become the kind of therapist you've always dreamt of becoming - deeply educated and truly able to serve your clients needs. your clients needs with confidence.

Your Course Tutors: Pentony O'Hagan, Danielle White + Jenny Burrell

Course Content + Assessments

Anatomy + Physiology On-Line Learning Content

You will cover all of the systems of the body from the muscular system, to the nervous system and everything in between. The information will be delivered in a series of easy to follow online lectures with clean and simple diagrams to help you focus in on the elements that will impact your day to day life as a sports massage therapist. In addition we include a module on Fascia and the Myofascial System. Given its absolute importance in the body and in functional movement no Anatomy & Physiology programme would be complete without it, yet it gets left out so often.

  • The Structure of the Human Body
  • The Skin
  • The Skeletal System
  • The Muscular System
  • Joints
  • Fascia and the Myofascial System
  • The Nervous System
  • The Endocrine System
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • The Lymphatic System
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Urinary System
  • The Digestive System
  • Nutrition & Healing
  • Principles of Health and Fitness
  • Marketing your Business

Additional Content Delivered Online

Technique Videos

All of the techniques that you will be taught on this course to all parts of the body and in all positions on the couches have been pre-recorded and uploaded to your online content.

This means that you are not only taught these techniques on the live days but you can watch and re- watch the videos over and over again whenever you feel the need to brush up on your skills over the coming years.

Sports Massage Physiology and Contraindications

This module begins by taking you though the contraindications of sports massage, or when to practice and when to refer your client on to another health professional. A big focus on the education is knowing when your client needs other health services and building a network around you of other health professionals and this is the place to start. The second part of the course takes you through the physical, physiological and psychological effects of sports massage and relates to the current research on soft tissue and manual therapy techniques. It will help understand reasoning for each technique and when techniques are used best.

Soft Tissue Injury and Dysfunction

As a sports massage therapist we need to be aware of all factors involved in soft tissue injuries and what may cause dysfunction in the soft tissue. The module discusses common soft tissue injuries you may see in clinic and the stages of rehabilitation and recovery after injury.

Screening and Postural Assessment – Online and Live

You will cover how to complete a detailed objective and subjective screening of your client to be able to know exactly how you are going to work and help with the client but to also give you clear markers to base any changes made from the sports massage therapy applied. You will learn how to create an online form prior to meeting your client and how to perform postural assessments include functional assessments and range of movement assessments to give a greater overview of your client.

Professional Practice

Understanding the professional and legal obligations as a sports massage therapist is important part of sports massage therapy training and we begin this module by covering the legal requirements, ethics and professional conduct as a sports massage therapist. We explore how to communicate with your clients and how to provide excellent client care. The module ends by looking at what evidence based medicine is and how we apply that to massage therapy.

Nutrition for Healing

This module takes you through basic nutrition and the impact it can have on tissue healing. As a sports massage therapist, it is our duty to ask if our clients are nourishing themselves well and to be able to make good quality 'just-eat-real-food' recommendations.

Home Care

Home care is an important part of providing that excellent client care and this is not taught in sports massage courses. By providing your client with key homework strategies to take away from the sports massage session ensures that will make a change in their movement, habits and become accountable for their own healthcare and get great results from the work we do in the session.

Principles of Health and Fitness

This module covers the basics of health and fitness and is important to understand this when prescribing home care for your clients. *If you have completed a level 3 personal training qualification you may be exempt from this module.

Marketing your Business

This is something we are all truly passionate about as you need to get your face out there to know all of the amazing this you can do as a sports massage therapist. This module will help you begin your business journey with success!

Live Weekend Topics

Therapeutic, sensitive, deep and effective sports massage skills will be taught to each student. We will have a focus on palpation, to teach you to see/feel with your hands. Delivering effective results relies heavily on being able to feel exactly what is going on below the surface of the skin. You will learn exercises you can practice at home during and beyond the course to work on these career long skills.  In addition to massage skills we will teach you a broad range of soft tissue techniques that affect the body in different ways. This will give you many tools in your kit to find something that works for each client. Expect to learn STR (Soft Tissue Release), MET (Muscle Energy Technique) and even some Neuromuscular Techniques like Trigger Points.

  • Day 1 - Effleurage & Petrissage, Supine & Prone, Palpation Skills.
  • Day 2 - Using your Elbow, Forearm, Assisted Thumb, Assisted Closed Fist, Compression and Tapotement
  • Day 3 - Review All Techniques, Friction, Assessment of Effect on Tissues, Abdominal Massage, Abdominal Palpation
  • Day 4 - MET (Muscle Energy Technique), Review All Techniques
  • Day 5 - Anatomy& Physiology Assessment, STR (Soft Tissue Release) and Palpation Skills
  • Day 6 - Subjective and Objective assessments, Postural Assessment and Introduction to Biomechanics (Functional Movement Patterns)
  • Day 7 - Clinic Day, Treatment Plan Creation
  • Day 8 - Stretching, Active & Passive, Effective Homecare Prescription
  • Day 9 - Trigger Points, Introduction to Pain Science
  • Day 10 - Final Practical – Case Study Submitted and Completed Log Book Presented

Additional Info + FAQ's

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Danielle White BA, Dip SRMT - Lead Tutor + Course Author - Link To Danielle's Work + Biog
Pentony O'Hagen, Lead Tutor + Course Author - Link to Pentony's Work + Biog
Jenny Burrell, Support Tutor - Head of Burrell Education - Link to Jenny's Work + Biog

Live Weekends - Dates and Locations in London

16-17th Feb 2019 - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
9-10th March 2019 - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
30-31st March 2019 - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
4-5th May 2019 - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
1-2nd June 2019 - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 


All weekend dates start at 9.00am and finish at 5pm - Please see above, if you cannot attend all of the live dates listed.

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