The Number 1 Route To Happiness? Stop Doing Stuff You Hate!

This may be a radical standpoint for some but I reckon that if you ask people who are happy, whether they spend a lot of time doing stuff they hate, I bet they would say NO!  So, here’s my personal list of BORING, BLAH, BLEUGH & BS!

1.  Boring – Number 1 offender for me is – HOUSEWORK!  The definition of a thankless task and madness.  The same thing done over and over again with the same result – LOOKS GREAT THEN LOOKS RUBBISH AGAIN.  If you earn more than the standard hourly rate for house cleaning – GET A CLEANER!  It’s bad economics for you to spend 10 hours a week cleaning when you could be spending that time improving your health, wealth or mental wellbeing – which includes my favourite – a cheeky afternoon nap!

2.  Blah – Nearly everything on TV!  I have a Sky Box and still there’s nothing to watch.  Get a listing, record what you really, really want to see and forget the rest.  End habitual sitting and goggle-boxing – read something instead!  Much better bang-for-buck any day.  Anything with people cussing, crying, shouting, winning money they didn’t work for or anything that focuses on people with dysfunctional personalities should be avoided at all costs!  STAY IN THE LIGHT!

3.  Bleugh!  See No. 2  but I add to the list, things on TV or in real life that make you feel very queasy or strange in your guts.  Your gut says NO and you should follow! ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT – if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!  Human beings are the only animals that rationalize danger.  Even Poppy my dog (above) knows that when something is falling near her whether it’s a feather or a brick, the correct protocol is MOVE OUT OF DANGER FIRST, CHECK WHETHER IT WAS A FEATHER OR A BRICK LATER!  Poppy is smarter than most humans.  Seriously!

4.  BS – A catch-all title for PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS that you truly know JUST AREN’T RIGHT, they niggle and bug you and whenever you have experience of these PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS you are not in a good place afterwards – simply HIT DELETE - WITH RESPECT, BUT HIT IT ALL THE SAME! Whether that’s a client who you don’t like but continue to train because they are a good payer (yes, I’ve had a few of those), the class you teach that drains you, the club you work in where there is NO INSPIRATION or ASPIRATION, the dietary habits that you maintain even tho you don’t feel awesome, a ‘friend’ that is an energy vampire.  THEY JUST GOTSTA GO!

 5.       And finally, I’m going to totally contradict all of the above!  There are probably a couple of things that you REALLY DON’T WANT TO DO, that will be painful, that you’ve been putting off, that you HATE the thought of (and I’m not referring to ironing) but guess what, if you did them, if you achieved the goal, if you finally followed through on that dream, that pain would be the portal to your BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION!  Because for many of us OUR BEAUTY, COURAGE, STRENGTH AND TRUE SENSE OF WHO WE REALLY ARE  IS BORN FROM ASHES – to achieve true beauty, we MUST go through our personal ‘ring of fire’, get burned, get ashy and then from the ashes – ooh lala! WE TRULY START SHOWING UP AS OUR REAL SELVES, WARTS AND ALL AND LOVING IT! 


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