The Success Equation for Ante and Post Natal Fitness Professionals

With 2014 fast approaching, many of our thoughts are turning to what next year will bring for our Ante and Post Natal Fitness businesses. Here's my take on 4 elements that I really feel make up the SUCCESS EQUATION.

Niche Down What You LOVE!

If you read this blog, the chances are that you already are pretty close to nailing down your niche to serving Pregnant and Post Natal women.  But could you go further? Could you just specialize in Modern Functional Pregnancy Exercise and Pregnancy Massage or Pregnancy Exercise/water workouts  or even Post Natal Recovery Therapy and Modern Post Natal Exercise etc.


Go Wide and Deep With Your Education So You Can Answer the WHY's

Be a PROBLEM SOLVING PROFESSIONAL.  Most Pregnant & Post Natal women have much bigger issues keeping fit and shedding baby weight.  One you start tapping into the TRUE NEEDS of your client-base and selling a results based antidote, you'll see both your expert status and your income authentically rocket.  And really, it is as SIMPLE AS THAT!  You're in the wellness business!  Once you have your certifications to practise in this area you really need to start going wider and deeper to really find the edge in your field and create a polished problem-solving product.

Knowledge is POWER and if you don't create, you will always copy.   So instead of thinking about what you're going to sell in order to become a six-figure fitpro, better start with committing to ETERNAL EDUCATION FOLLOWED BY MASSIVE ACTION because only then will you truly have the edge as most people love to short cut in both of these areas!


Make a Plan But Simultaneously Be Flexible

Be flexible!  Nevermind the 5 year plan.  Know that one of the your greatest assets is to make a zig into a zag when you need to.  Never be afraid to change your mind, go in the opposite direction.  Stop when you KNOW it just isn't working for you or the sums just don't add up.  And totally, use you gut to help you steer your path.


Keep Fiercely Focused!

Stay focussed!  Too many of us spend far too much time looking at what others are doing and way too much time comparing ourselves to others.  Be careful of who and what you allow to enter your head, heart and field of vision.   Head and heart - feed yourself a daily does of inspiring audio books,films and anything that keeps your passion ignited.  In terms of field of vision, Facebook, Twatter and Pintrest etc are potent tools in your business but are total bummers for distracting you from your fierce focus.  Do yourself a favour, CLEAN UP YOUR FEED. Forget the cliques, forgetting trying to 'get with people' because they are 'influential'.  Bring your face-to-face authenticity and rationale re: connecting to your social media habits too. Only engage with people and things that are real, wonderful and inspiring.  But ultimately JUST TURN IT ALL OFF INCLUDING YOUR PHONE when it is time to get your head down and work!


So there it is!  Hope it's food for thought and if sorting out your WordPress Website is on the TOP of your TO-DO list for 2014, you might just be interested in this little gem of a workshop at the end of January - Read more about my ' I Love WordPress Workshop'.

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