TOTAL Core Re-Hab Chichester

TOTAL Core Re-Hab is my truly 1-1, BESPOKE offering for women who need a deeper level of care that involves massage and soft-tissue work alongside all the key elements of  a DEEP rehab programme including mindful movement, exercise prescription and nutrition guidance to support healing.  Plus there is an equal emphasis on what you will be doing outside of each session, in the real world, to support your progress too.   Every TOTAL Core Re-Hab programme also involves you undertaking a bespoke homework programme to support your progress towards your goals and wellness.

Who is TOTAL Core-Rehab For?

In the simplest terms, your 'Core' consists of your Diaphragm, your Abdominals, your Pelvic Floor and the muscles and fascia at your lower and mid back.  If you're a women and you've been through any of the below procedures or life events, regardless of how long ago, your Core probably isn't doing its job and my programmes are specialist for helping your recover from the inside out.......

Birthing via C-Section
Pregnancy that's left you with Diastasis Recti (Tummy Gap)
Other Abdominal/Gynae Operations

We all know that after experiencing the above procedures, our bodies need a LOT of TLC, not only to aid the healing process but also to return to functionality and you feeling as strong and able as you did previously.  This requires deeper attention that just the simple 6-week check-up if you've had a baby and other surgeries.

Nutrition and your lifestyle habits, which are hugely important but rarely considered, can either work to support or hold back your healing.  As a certified Women's Health and Nutrition Coach, all of my offerings include clear and simple instructions as to how essential nutrients are obtained by JUST EATING REAL FOOD.

All of the above life events may then lead you to feel cut off from your tummy and indeed the rest of your body.  You may have back pain or you may have a 'leaky' Pelvic Floor.  Scars too, although a sign of healing can also cause problems especially C-Section and other abdominal scars and you can end up having a disconnected tummy, incontinence or bowel issues mostly due to the build up of adhesions (tissues stuck together) and scar tissue. These issues, truly need a hands on  approach and are in the main, easily solved using simple massage techniques.  Additionally, all of the above too can lead to changes in how you breathe and it's essential that your breathing strategy is assessed and then optimized so that you can be truly reconnected to your Core and your breathing strategy brings maximum Oxygen to your brain and body to support healing.

You may also be confused about what exercise you should be doing to improve your strength and well-being and indeed, there's exercise that's helpful and many options that aren't and overall, the 'exercise and movement prescription' needs to be BESPOKE to you and where you are in your recovery. This probably isn't the time to simply drop into a group exercise class anonymously and hope for the best.

But there's more....your Core is then the linchpin for the rest of your body and so the issues at your Core have the potential to affect other areas of your body so we start there first, start deep and then work outwards to get you moving well, without discomfort and with the strength you need to live your life with vitality.

About Your Soft Tissue and Movement Therapist Jenny Burrell 

Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Dip SMRT, WHNC - Head Of Burrell Education and Creator of the Holistic Core Restore® programme - Read More About Jenny Here!

My TOTAL Core Re-Hab Chichester Services

  1. Post Natal Recovery Immersion, Core Re-Hab and Movement/Exercise Prescription - This is for you if you've recently had a baby....congratulations!  And you're feeling out of sorts in your body, you probably have back and neck pain, you feel disconnected from your core and feel that you lack the strength for your daily life.  You feel like you desperately need a massage and strategies to improve your posture and get yourself out of pain and discomfort.  You also need information about your Pelvic Floor and your tummy and how to return safely to moving again and exercise.
  2. Hysterectomy Recovery Massage, Remedial Therapy, Core-ReHab and Return-To-Movement/Exercise Prescription - This is for you've recently or not so recently experienced a Hysterectomy, whether vaginal, abdominal or via key-hole surgery and you need help recovering DEEPLY.  As well as recovering from the Hysterectomy surgery, you will probably now be navigating the hormonal and 'movement confidence' changes that most women experience.  I've experienced first hand how Hysterectomy can change how you move and how your body feels and also the challenges in returning to exercise.  Getting your Pelvic Floor in check now will be extremely important to supporting the rest of your pelvic organs so why not take some time to go deeper and heal from the inside out with excellence guidance.
  3. Holistic Diastasis Recti Healing, Core Re-Hab and Movement/Exercise Prescription - This is for you if you've had a baby and your tummy just doesn't feel, work or look like it did before and you know or suspect you have a gap in the midline of your abdominals called Diastasis Recti. Read more about the programme Jenny created and the success stories for so many moms who had given up hope.
  4. Holistic C-Section Recovery, Core Re-Hab and Movement/Exercise Prescription  - This is for you if you birthed via C-Section either recently or some time ago and you feel that your scar is restricting your movement or aggravated everytime you exercise or exert yourself physically.  This is also for you if you feel disconnected to your tummy and Pelvic Floor after birthing and really want to re-establish that deep connection, function and return to exercise safely. And even tho you birthed via C-Section, you also need information about your Pelvic Floor and your tummy and how to return safely to moving again and exercise. Read more about this programme here.
  5. Holistic Core Restore® Pelvic Floor and Core Re-Hab and Fitness 1-1 - This is for you if you're life is dominated by avoiding running, you pray you don't pee when you sneeze and cough, you avoid skipping, star-jumps and trampolines at all costs, you know where every public loo is in your locality is....I could go on but I think you know what I mean.  Since 2013,  the Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman programme has helped 1000's of women regain control of their continence, core strength and health and overall wellbeing - read what people say about this ground-breaking programme that you can experience with me, the programme creator 1-1.  This programme is also for you if you've had clinical attention and been advised by your Gynaecologist, Physiotherapist or GP to 'strengthen your Core or Pelvic Floor' but have no idea where to start.  Read more about Jenny's Pelvic Health journey here.

How Do I Book?

  • If you think I can help you, please get in touch with me HERE
  • I'll then link you to my on-line Pre-Screening Questionnaire which you simply complete and press the SUBMIT button to return to me.  If one of the above programmes are a good match for you.....
  • Next, I'll send you a link to choose your appointment slot and pay for your session via PayPal (appointments are available only on Thursdays each week)

What's Involved in a Session?

There is an educational element to every session where I help you to better understand your body and the immense role you can play in your own recovery supported by my soft-tissue therapy, nutrition and movement prescription. So in every session you'll learn key information, enjoy some massage/soft tissue therapy and move your body.  My ultimate aim is to get you back to feeling amazing in your own skin, enjoying life and moving with strength and control and without pain or any sense of restriction.

Location + Directions

I'm located just outside of Chichester in the hamlet of Colworth, just off the A259.  There is ample parking. Google Map Directions

What to Wear?

All of the above sessions will involve some kind of massage/soft-tissue therapy so be prepared to undress to your underwear.  All of the above sessions will also involve me creating a rehab movement programme for also, so please bring comfortable, unrestricting clothes for this portion of your session. I always work in bare feet, so no need to bring trainers or any other footwear.


The Therapy Room

The Fitness and Movement Room


Pricing + Programmes

TOTAL Core Re-Hab Chichester Programmes

Initial Session*

90 Minutes

Follow-Up Sessions**

60 Minutes

Post Natal Recovery Immersion and Movement/Exercise Prescription £175 £127
Hysterectomy Recovery Massage, Remedial Therapy and Movement Prescription £175 £127
Holistic Diastasis Recti Healing and Movement Prescription £175 £127
Holistic C-Section Recovery and Movement Prescription £175 £127

Select and Pay for Your Core Re-Hab Programme

Total Core Re-Hab (Initial Session)

Total Core Re-Hab (Follow Up Session)

Holistic Core Restore® Pelvic Floor, Core-Rehab and Fitness 1-1 – 6 Sessions Intensive

£597 (Payable in 3 Instalments of £200)

Pay in full - £597 3 x £200 Monthly

You may also be interested in the Small Group Training for Holistic Core Restore® also.  Here you work in a small group of maximum 8 participants.

* Initial FACE-TO-FACE session includes pre-screening, telephone consultation, 90 minutes hands-on session, your bespoke nutrition and movement prescription with detailed video and exercise kit as necessary. ** Follow-Up Sessions may be taken either FACE-TO-FACE or mixed with  Skype consultations once the initial session has occurred. Follow-up sessions include nutrition and programme/homework revisions to ensure you are progressed towards your goals.